Wangchuk's Disconnect from 3 Idiots

In an interview with Lallantop, Sonam Wangchuk’s Disconnect from 3 Idiots was explained. He served as the inspiration for the character Rancho. Wangchuk discussed the reasons why he feels somewhat disconnected. It was about the on-screen portrayal of Rancho, portrayed by Aamir Khan. The interview sheds light on the real-life personality’s reflections. He praised the movie’s popularity and the impact of its uplifting message.

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Sonam Wangchuk’s Thoughts on “3 Idiots”:

Sonam Wangchuk is an Engineer, education reformist, and innovator. His character was played by Aamir Khan as Rancho. Wangchuk expressed his thoughts and views about “3 Idiots“. It was a movie that became a hit in India and abroad, especially in China and South Korea. The film highlighted how parents influence students’ career choices. Though Wangchuk liked the positive message in the movie. But he also shared his personal views on how the film portrayed his life.

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Wangchuk’s Light-hearted Disconnect from Rancho:

In a funny way, Sonam Wangchuk said that although the film had a good message, Wangchuk’s Disconnect from 3 Idiots was also a coming out conclusion of the interview. After watching the movie, he realized that He seemed more beautiful on the real-life screen than he saw Rancho on screen in the movie 3 Idiots. This brought a humorous dilemma about how he could relate to a character who looked better than him in real life.

“3 Idiots”: A Big Movie Success:

Directed by Raj Kumar Hirani and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, “3 Idiots” starred Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi, and Kareena Kapoor. Released in 2009, it not only became India’s highest-grossing film until 2013 but also won many National Awards. The film’s popularity grew because it connected with people, addressing societal pressures on career choices. Its success extended internationally, making it a big deal and the most successful Indian film of the 2000s.

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Sonam Wangchuk’s comments on “3 Idiots” give us a peek into how reality and movies can be different. Despite the light-hearted disconnect he feels with Rancho’s character, the movie’s overall success and positive impact are clear. “3 Idiots” continues to be remembered for not just entertaining people but also for its message about being true to oneself and pursuing passions despite societal expectations.


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