Elvish Yadav controversy

Elvish Yadav is a trending name on the list of controversy these days. Before diving into the lengths of his controversies, let’s learn a bit about him.

Elvish Yadav Personal Life

Elvish Yadav is a charismatic YouTuber. Recently, he participated in Bigg Boss OTT and emerged as a champion there. He thus claimed the trophy for a successful season. Elvish wasn’t always known by that name. His real name is Siddharth Yadav. Later on, he changed his name to Elvish. Elvish was born on September 14, 1997, in Wazirabad village, near Gurugram, Haryana, India. He grew up in a Hindu Ahir family. He was raised by his parents, namely Ram Avtar Yadav and Sushma Yadav. His early education took place at Amity International School in Gurgaon. He then pursued a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Hansraj College in Delhi. The reason behind the name change from Siddharth to Elvish isn’t publicly known. Some sources speculate that it might be linked to a personal event.

Elvish Yadav Breakthrough Phase

Elvish carved his own path. He entertained audiences with funny videos, roasts, and engaging vlogs. He found success on YouTube with his channels “Social Factory” and “Elvish Yadav Vlogs.” His online presence propelled him to wider recognition, and he was invited to the big screen. He eventually emerged victorious in the second season of Bigg Boss OTT. This established his place in the Indian entertainment spotlight.

Elvish’s mid-to-late twenties seem to be his breakout years. He gained a significant audience on YouTube around this time. During this period, many other YouTubers experienced a surge in viewership and popularity. Additionally, his Bigg Boss OTT win at the age of 25 further propelled him into the limelight.


Elvish was previously in a long-term relationship with YouTuber Kirti Mehra. They reportedly met in college and dated for 6–7 years. Their content creation often overlapped. They often appeared in each other’s vlogs, and their fans enjoyed their on-screen chemistry. It appears they are no longer together. There’s no official confirmation of when they split. Some sources speculate the breakup happened before Elvish entered Bigg Boss OTT in 2022. Elvish has not publicly confirmed if he’s currently dating anyone. Some fans believe he might be in a new relationship. These speculations are based on hints from his ex-girlfriend, Kirti Mehra, but this remains unconfirmed.

Elvish Yadav and Maxtern controversy

The online community has been fully engrossed in the clash between Elvish Yadav and Maxtern ever since their physical altercation went viral. Subsequently, it drew in a multitude of trolls and spectators. As different factions emerged, some stood in support of the Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner, Elvish Yadav. This included actress Anjali Arora. The support of her fans, called #anjaliaans, also followed. Others strongly demanded Elvish’s arrest over the alleged assault on Maxtern.

Media outlets extensively covered the Elvish Yadav controversy. Social media was dominated by a barrage of memes. Meme pages poked fun at Anjali Arora’s affiliation with Elvish. They also made light-hearted jokes about the excessive focus on the commotion. Clips from Elvis’s previously stated statements were also spun together to make fun of his hypocrisy. All in all, the meme fest showcased a wide range of reactions.

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The conflict between reality TV personality Elvish Yadav and YouTuber Maxter intensified significantly. Maxtern’s real name is Sagar Thakur. The video showed Elvish, accompanied by his companions, confronting Thakur with a series of blows. The situation immediately erupted into a full-blown scuffle. Maxtern retaliated by accusing Elvish of making death threats via social media. He further vowed to reveal the complete story the next day.

Threatening Claims by Maxtern

“Bhaisaab, he threatened to kill me. I was alone, while Elvish had brought many people with him. I will upload the full video tomorrow morning. Everyone will see what happened. We also have recordings. I am fine except for a lip injury. He came with eight people to fight me,” he asserted.

Amidst allegations of premeditation and counter-accusations of harassment and threats, the dispute unfolded. The Elvish Yadav controversy consequently sparked widespread debate across social media platforms.

Elvish’s Justification

In an attempt to present his side, Elvish hosted a live session. He alleged that the incident was orchestrated by Thakur. He accused Maxtern of installing covert recording devices. The video started with Elvish emphasizing the importance of hearing the other side of the story. He urged the viewers to watch until the end. He claimed that Thakur had been harassing him for the past eight months. This was done by posting negative content and even threatening harm to him and his family. The clip in question showed their heated confrontations. Even still, the public opinion remained divided over the Elvish Yadav controversy

Police Involvement

Maxtern escalated the situation by filing an FIR. He accused Elvish of attempting murder and threatening spinal injuries. Elvish responded to such claims defiantly, questioning the credibility of such allegations. In response, Elvish Yadav stated, “You can’t break someone’s spine like that. Yes, I threatened him, but it was in a fit of rage. I could have filed an FIR against him, but I chose not to.”

As tensions mounted, the Gurugram police intervened. They summoned Elvish for questioning. However, before official proceedings could begin, a surprising turn of events occurred during a live video. Elvish, Thakur, and mediator Rajat Dalal appeared together. They resolved their differences, opting for a fresh start. Thakur disclosed being influenced by another YouTuber. This led to his temporary lapse in judgment. “There was a misunderstanding. Someone tried to provoke me against Elvish Bhai. I won’t mention that person’s name here. I have explained everything to Elvish Bhai.”

Rajat Dalal’s Intervention

The unexpected yet welcomed resolution did not escape the notice of meme creators. They promptly churned out humorous takes on the swift conclusion to the heated dispute. Memes around the twist in the situation following Rajat Dalal’s interference emerged. As a symbolic act of reconciliation, Elvish posted a photo alongside Sagar. This was accompanied by a caption emphasizing unity. “In every household, there are utensils that make noise when clashed. Brotherhood on top,” it read. He also pledged to avoid further conflicts with Sagar, having identified the alleged mastermind behind the feud. Following this, the Elvish Yadav controversy dominated headlines

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Elvish Yadav Snake Venom controversy

As Elvish wrapped up one controversy, he was engulfed in another. He was recently apprehended on charges of hosting raves featuring endangered snakes and supplying snake venom. Allegations suggest that he orchestrated the provision of venom at these gatherings and incorporated snakes into his video productions. Authorities investigated the Elvish Yadav controversy to uncover the truth behind the allegations.

He was arrested by the Noida Police on Sunday, March 17, 2024, and subsequently remanded to judicial custody. It has been reported that he admitted to his involvement in the alleged crime. The winner of Big Boss OTT is now confronted with a case under the Wildlife Act in Noida. This arrest follows a month-long investigation after samples were obtained from a rave event in Noida. They verified the utilization of venom from two snake species—the cobra and krait—as narcotics.

Arrest and Allegations

On November 3, 2023, the Noida Police filed charges against Elvish Yadav. They also detained five individuals for purportedly using snake venom at rave gatherings. Those apprehended were named Rahul (32), Teetunath (45), Jaikaran (50), Narayan (50), and Ravinath (45). They all hail from Moharband village in southeast Delhi’s Badarpur, as reported by PTI, citing police sources. Four of them are snake handlers. Additionally, authorities seized nine snakes, including cobras and venom, from their possession.

The events unfolded a day after law enforcement officers raided a rave in Sector 51 of Noida. It was prompted by a complaint lodged by Gaurav Gupta from People for Animals (PFA). PFA is an animal welfare organization established by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Maneka Gandhi. The non-profit organization conducted an undercover operation. During this operation, they requested that Yadav organize a rave party and procure cobra venom.

FIR by Gaurav Gupta

An FIR was lodged based on Gupta’s complaint. It cited provisions of the Wildlife (Protection) Act and alleges criminal conspiracy. The complaint is detailed:

“We received information indicating that a YouTuber named Elvish Yadav produces videos using snake venom and live snakes at farmhouses in Noida and NCR. He collaborates with other associates and YouTubers for these activities. Additionally, he unlawfully organizes rave parties, to which foreign women are frequently invited. Moreover, both snake venom and intoxicants are reportedly consumed at these events.”

As per the FIR, one of our informants reached out to Yadav, requesting him to organize a rave party in Noida. They specifically asked him to procure snakes and cobra venom for the event. Upon contacting his agent using Yadav’s reference, they agreed. Subsequently, plans were made to meet at the banquet hall in Sector 51. We promptly informed the DFO in Noida and lodged a complaint at the Sector 49 police station regarding the matter. A medical report from the veterinary department revealed that “the venom glands of nine snakes and the fangs of eight snakes were missing,” as reported by the Hindustan Times (HT).

Maneka Gandhi’s Accusations

Last November, Maneka Gandhi labeled Elvish Yadav as a “kingpin.” She demanded the YouTuber’s immediate arrest. “We have been monitoring him for some time now, as he frequently handles snakes in his films, photos, and videos,” she stated to ThePrint. Gandhi stressed that the seized snakes, including pythons and cobras, belonged to endangered species. They were obtained from the wild rather than bred. She advocated for the maximum punishment of a seven-year jail term for those involved. In response, Yadav vehemently denied the accusations, branding them as “baseless” and “fake.” On X, he wrote, “Naam ke sath badnaami bhi aati hai (With name comes infamy). People also grow jealous. I won’t be surprised if there are more cases against me.”

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Yadav’s claims surrounding controversy

Amid the controversy last November, a video surfaced showing Yadav holding a snake. He claimed this video was filmed six months earlier. On November 8, Yadav underwent questioning by police for approximately two hours at Noida’s Sector 20 police station. Gautam Budh Nagar’s additional commissioner of police, Sureshrao A. Kulkarni, stated that Yadav was interrogated regarding his footage where he is seen interacting with snakes, as reported by HT. According to an NDTV report, during the interrogation, Yadav claimed that the snakes featured in the music video were provided by Bollywood singer Fazilpuria. Fazilpuria clarified to India Today that the footage was from a previous album shoot. He added that he had no connection to any rave party. Nevertheless, police sources informed NDTV that Yadav has now confessed to arranging snake venom at rave parties.

Studies related to recreational use of snake venom

The incident has ignited a debate regarding the recreational use of snake venom. According to a 2018 study titled ‘Snake Venom Use as a Substitute for Opioids: A Case Report and Review of Literature,’ instances of snake venom use in India involved reptiles being coerced to bite the user’s feet or tongue. The authors of the study were Aseem Mehra, Debashish Basu, and Sandeep Grover. They highlighted that derivatives from reptiles like snakes, reptiles, and scorpions can serve as recreational substances and substitutes for other drugs, as reported by The Independent.

The study noted that cobras and Indian kraits were the most frequently used snakes for such bites. Snake venom contains neurotoxins that induce analgesia. It renders the user unable to feel pain, as noted by the Indian Express. Additionally, these neurotoxins can trigger various symptoms in users. They include drowsiness, feelings of grandiosity, sexual arousal, and a sense of well-being, as reported by Moneycontrol.

According to reports, studies indicate that individuals using snake venom may also experience sensations of ecstasy, muscular weakness, and sedation following the bite. A paper titled ‘A Curious Case of Snake Venom Addiction as an Alcohol De-Addiction Tool’ notes that users typically describe a sensation of pricking lasting 10–40 seconds. This is followed by feelings of euphoria, muscular weakness, and sedation. The study, as cited by The Independent, highlights that initial bites are commonly administered on the index finger or little toe. This progresses to the lip, tongue, and ear lobes. Additionally, some users develop a heightened tolerance to these substances. However, experts caution against the recreational use of snake venom. They warn of the potential for addiction and fatal poisoning.

Elvish Parents Feature

Meanwhile, Elvish Yadav’s parents spoke about his controversy. They clarified misconceptions about his association with luxury cars seen in his YouTube videos. They told Aaj Tak in an interview that Elvish often borrows or rents these cars for the purpose of creating content for his YouTube channel. This clarifies that Elvish does not necessarily own the luxury cars he features in his videos.

Elvish Yadav Bail

The court recently heard Elvish’s bail application and granted bail in the case. Yadav will have to furnish two bail bonds of ₹50,000 each, which will be submitted to the court. The prosecution stated that the police confiscated 20 ml of snake venom and nine live snakes, comprising five cobras, one python, and one rat snake, among others, from their possession.

They argued that these findings provided substantial evidence implicating Elvish in the case. Elvish’s legal team contended that he was framed in this particular case. He added that, as per the provisions of the Wildlife Act, the complaint can only be filed by a government official and not by an NGO worker. The other five accused in this case, from whom the suspected narcotics recovery of 20 ml of snake venom was recovered, are already out on bail. Hence, there was solid ground for Elvish’s bail too. Finally, the court granted bail to Yadav and his two associates.

Post Bail Vlog

Elvish released a vlog after being granted bail by Gurugram Court. During the vlog, he discussed his challenging experience in prison. He also expressed his trust in the legal system. In the vlog, Yadav said that the one week he spent in jail was a “very bad phase of life.” He avoided going into details about his controversy. Expressing gratitude to those who supported him during this time, Elvish also mentioned that he would focus on work moving forward. He also said he has faith in the judiciary and that things will work out for him.


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