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There are few stages in life which we pass, and each stage gifts us some memories and lessons to lead our future life. College is one such experience. But have you ever thought what makes us love this stage the most? Is it that big spacious building or the place where we loiter around? Is it the name of the college or something else? From my lens, college life is missed the most, reason being the people we meet here! College is no fun without those faces which made those years living. A place where we got a tycoon group to enjoy each and every day which makes life interesting enough to watch if we go in a flashback mode in future.
Apart from the fav people here are some elements which you are definitely going to miss after your college: )


Easy life:

Accept it or not college life is much easier than school or work. Going to college without any tension of homework or a completed project, is a perk which we enjoy during college years. Here we attend lectures only if we want to, no imposition from anyone! This adds feathers to the cap of our freedom which we get after school.



Morning lectures:

” tum kya samjhoge 8.30 par lecture hone ka gam!”  We all have flaunted our morning lectures at least once. Attending classes at dusk is no doubt difficult for late risers but it have its own fun. Especially winter morning lectures are the one to be remembered as tea and coffee after them make us feel “bhai jannat hai ye to”.

Dost ka Lunch

That one friend in the group whose mom prepares delicious lunch is our fav, as only a few of us bring a lunch to college depending upon the canteen as solace. That dost  truly deserves to be missed!

Most Awaited Fest

College fest is what we dream in school. This one time extravaganza is the much awaited event which fills all of us with a new energy. It transforms a non-dancer into a Jackson fan, a Meena Kumari into Deepika Padukone, a psycho into a free bird! It’s a treat which is loved by all and hence worth missing.


A few brave-hearts get a chance for a bunk at school, but a very few of us get a chance of a tag of No-bunk at college. Each of us have bunked classes in our college life and it was fun to leave them at sometime. And the after bunk masti is what will be missed when you flip through the pages of your life!


We had never taken exams with this kind of preparation before. A book-warm also turns into a laggard when it comes to college examinations. The alarm clocks ticks when it’s round the corner and rolling through the past year papers remains the savior ! Taking exams in such a messy way and all time unprepared way is the thing you are going to miss for sure!

College Trip

That outstation trip with our group, is the one which can make us cry at a future moment! Those pictures, laughing faces, mocking each other and loving on the next page are the accessories we get from the place. Whenever we would plan to go that place again with different set of people, will remind us of the back-then idiots and might hault us for sometime. So if you haven’t gone to a trip till now, then get set for it as you will miss this chance even more!

Comfort Zone

College people are the most comfortable and easy to talk with provided you have no extra ego problem. You will nowhere find such people with whom you can get so attached and share your stuff so easily. You will definitely experience this fact at your work life and later on as well.


You will realize gradually that you do not possess that enthusiasm that you initially had when you entered into college. An energy of taking up any creepy, fussy, weird or bebuniyaad task  would be lost in the later years. As life becomes serious, you do not get time to enjoy things like that. And this is the very fact you are going to miss badly!

College ke Baad Touch me Rahenge

This line will make you miss your stupid friends and their so called ” harkate”.  Shaping a career and those needed efforts makes it difficult to pursue the above line. Although the heart always wants to follow it but unfortunately a few people could keep this thing alive.

But atleast you can try to keep those beads in a thread  and  wear it  sometimes. College friends are the people you are never going to forget , and if you will  realise this thing later on in your future as well, then your keys of happiness is never going to leave you! 

By- Surbhi (DRC)



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