upsc prelims result 2020

On Wednesday the UPSC explained that aspirants can shift their centres for the civil services preliminary examination, planned on October 4. There are a large number of aspirants of the commission’s(preliminary) examination, 2020 (involving the Indian Forest Service (preliminary) examination, 2020) and pleas collected from the nominees for rewriting their centers, the Commission has agreed to give a chance to them to acknowledge their revised selection of centre.

On the commission’s website, The window of introducing a revised option of the center by the aspirants will be active in two phases i.e. 7th-13th July 2020 (6 PM) and 20th-24th July 2020 (6 PM).

The aspirants can visit the official website and can change if required for the centers of the above examination

The Commission announced that the aspirants may please note that their petitions for modification in the centers will be considered based on the belief of ‘first-apply-first-allot’ purpose (which is pursued in all the examinations of the Commission and was presented in the examination reports of the civil services (preliminary) examination, 2020 and Indian Forest Service examination, 2020) and once the capability of a specific centre is fulfilled, the identical will be frozen.

In case any student cannot get a centre of their preference than the aspirants are suggested to select the remaining ones.

Due to the COVID-19, the civil services preliminary examination 2020 had to be postponed to October 4, Initially, it was planned to be held on May 31.

during the duration from 1st-8th August, The UPSC has also supposed to make a ‘withdrawal window’ accessible to the aspirants on the Commission’s website. to authorize them to revoke their application from the test.

All the terms and conditions of the withdrawal of the application will be exact as having been presented in the notice of the examination published in February this year.
To withdrawal the application all the terms and conditions will be exact as having been presented in the notice of the examination published in February this year.

They added that the aspirants must note that once the application has been revoked by the aspirant, it cannot be restored in the future under any conditions.



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