ICAL 2023

The University of Delhi is glorifying its centennial of the building of the International Conference on Academic Libraries (ICAL 2023). It is being managed as part of centennial extravaganzas. The summit shall evolve a picture for the next era of libraries. It will pitch into nation-building. As well as give a competitive edge to the country in evolving a knowledge economy.

Table of Contents

What Will The ICAL 2023 Offer?

This meeting will deliver an international forum for all stakeholders. To meditate, reside as well as brainstorm on the diverse and tremendous role. Academic libraries may recreate in enriching the higher education landscape. They are focused on developing as well as developing countries with special reference to India by the year 2030.

The length of the conference is inclusive of Knowledge Sharing, ICT Management, New Education Policy 2020, Digital Repository, Indian Knowledge System, Library as well as Research Ecosystem, Library-Faculty Collaborations, as well as User-centric Services.

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The conference will deliver opportunities to determine the strengths as well as gaps in the academic library system. To recommend new management models, mechanisms, and policies. For reshaping educational libraries into next-generation libraries for higher education.

How Is The Conference Beneficial?

The ICAL 2023 will strengthen its proceedings. For a high standard as well as hence would reckon every paper by international standards. Henceforth, all stakeholders would like to take part in the conference by pitching in their beneficial understanding.

They are advised to go through the CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK to figure it out. The thrust provinces on which the conference intends to deliberate. Which accordingly makes a selection of the relevant themes. ICAL 2023 will catch a glimpse of a galaxy of internationally known professionals.

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They will emancipate their keynote addresses on variant matters. It will certainly reveal some new opportunities. Resulting in a highly beneficial stage for the stakeholders. Indeed would be a major help to students in the future.


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