Hansraj college students protest over non-veg food, Principal refuses to withdraw 

Hansraj college

During covid times, Hansraj college bans non-vegetarian food in the hostel mess and canteen. In February, when Delhi University reopened after a long period, the college stopped serving non-vegetarian food. Now, the Hansraj college students protest to show dissatisfaction with the new rule.

On Friday, around 40 students were taken into custody. Students Federation of India argued that the college is trying to establish cultural hegemony by this rule. Further, it is considered that Hansraj College is the first to put such restrictions on non-veg food in its campus. 

Dr Arvind, warden of the Hansraj College said, “Non-veg food is not being served in the mess and canteen. Even, the college canteen never served non-veg food. The college follows the Arya Samaj philosophy and sticks to it.”

Further, he added that the information about banning non-veg food was circulated via notice. Moreover, in the prospectus, it is never mentioned that non-vegetarians will be served in the hostel mess.

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No official notice issued, Hansraj College Students protest 

SFI General Secretary, Muyukh Biswas said, “When the college reopened in February, the choice of non-vegetarian food was not given. However, the extra charges were taken by the college for serving non-veg food. Further, the college didn’t release any notice regarding the new rule.”

Earlier, the students talked but the principal refused and stated that over 90 per cent are vegetarian. Therefore, Hansraj college students protest and SFI general secretary proves that fact is wrong as there are around 75% of students want non-vegetarian food. 

Principal Refused to Withdraw New Rule

Rama Sharma, Hansraj College principal has refused to serve non-vegetarian food again in the hostel mess. He said, there will be no withdrawal of decision taking place. Moreover, he stated that nearly 90% of the college’s students are pure vegetarian. Earlier, many students protested against serving of non-veg food inside the hostel. 

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Further, he said, “We will not withdraw the new rule of not serving non-veg food in the hostel. After all, it is a Arya Samaj college, we will follow our philosophy. Also, We conduct ‘havan’ regularly and follow all the rules and regulations of Arya Samaj. And, in the hostel prospectus, it is clearly mentioned that non-veg food will not be served in the hostel,”



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