dead body in JNU
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In recent shocking news, a dead body in JNU was found on 3 June. It was unidentified, highly decomposed, and found in the nearby jungle of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) hanging from a tree. As a result, the investigation is under process.

At the time when the dead body was seen the forensics and crime time was there in no time. However, the proper inquiry or investigation is processing. The identity of a dead body is yet to be known. 

Further, the guards of JNU university alerted the local police. When they realize foul-smelling reaching them. The exact location where the body was hanging from the tree was JNU forest. The forest is 50 meters inside from the direction of DDA flats. 

The police reached the spot around 6 PM. Thereafter, as per the senior officer, the age of the body is between 40 to 45. The condition of the dead body was highly decomposed. So, it seems the man died a few days ago. He said the further investigation is in process.

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According to the reports, JNU students said, “It doesn’t look like that body is of someone from university. As the dead body was found in the Jungle, which is quite near to the Yamuna hostel. Few students went for a walk in the JNU jungle. Then they detected the foul smell and alerted the varsity authorities.”

2018 case of Dead Body in JNU

This 2022 case of a dead body in the JNU jungle is not even similar but identical too. In 2018, a highly decomposed body was found hanging from a tree in the JNU forest. In that incident too, the guard informed the local police. The police notified the body had been hanging there for two days.

Subsequently, police found the identity of that man named Ram Pravesh. He was from Najafharh and working as a truck driver. And, he was missing for the last couple of days.

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