DU Pride Parade

DU Pride Parade began at the onset of pride month, June. Students Federation of India (SFI) organized a Pride March at the Art Faculty, the University of Delhi on Wednesday, 1 June. Students’ outfits gathered and asserted their rights in the form of slogans and songs. 

During the Parade, students sing along and come up with influential slogans like “We will love who we want”; “Queer will not live in fear”; “Love is Love”. Moreover, they asserted the problems faced by queer communities earlier.

The people who were marching said that queer communities in India had faced so many problems. Mainly, ‘Politics of Masculinity and ‘Commoditizing their feelings’. Besides, ‘We are queer, we would not live in fear’ was written on the board of Komal, a student at Delhi School of Journalism. She said that students belonging to different genders participated to circulate the message of freedom for the queer communities. 

She adds that when we observe the ‘Politics of Masculinity’, it creates the message that they only want to see in society structured gender, women or men. And, when someone presents themselves as another gender than these, society calls them wrong and asks for rectification. She asserted gay and lesbian communities were always there in the world. It’s not like these people have appeared recently. 


DU Pride Parade participants talk about Rainbow Capitalism

Uttara from the same college as Komal said that feelings of the queer communities are being commoditized always. There is a huge difference between Queer Liberation and Rainbow Capitalism and society must understand this. She explained with an example that many brands are offering discounts during pride month to pretend they support the community. Contrastingly, the are just focusing on their profit and adding capital.

JNU also participated in Pride Parade

The DU Pride Parade on 1 June also observes the major participation of JNU. Moreover, the President of the JNU Students Union, Aisha Ghosh talks about accepting the communities as they are. She asserts, “Love cannot be inferred through the choices provided by society. It should be a personal choice.”

Furthermore, she said the participant and nonparticipants will understand that there is nothing wrong with having different sexual orientations. Also, safety should not be limited to only girls students, safety should be for all genders. She asked, why don’t we have neutral washrooms?

Why is June marked as Pride Month?

The 1 June of every year is considered the onset of ‘Pride Month’. Observation is done in honor of the Stonewall Uprising in New York in 1969. It was the time when lesbian and gay community rights activities protested and held demonstrations against oppression towards the communities. 

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Further, before 1966 in New York, serving alcohol to gay person bars was reckoned illegal. Persons with homosexuality had also face the same problems. Then, Deputy Inspector invaded Stonewall bar to detain gay people in 1969. Subsequently, this detainment created outrage among people. And they protested for a week, urging for rights. That protest is known as Watershed Movement’





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