The year 2020 has shocked and despaired the world. Nowadays,  all countries are not less than a stagnant pond.  We all know the reason behind it, the coronavirus. A communicable disease that spread so swiftly, engulfing the people around the world.  No matter, who the person is and what he does, this deadly virus does not spare anyone.

Originated from Wuhan, China, it captured almost every country under its vast canopy.  India recorded its initial case on 30 January 2020. Despite the constant efforts of the government and the citizens, the coronavirus succeeded to hold the roots in our country.

The nation has so far registered 16,38,870 cases of the coronavirus infection. The death toll increased to 35,747 with 779 casualties being noted in the previous 24 hours.

It took 183 days for India to pass over 16 lakh coronavirus cases. The country had crossed the one lakh-mark in 110 days after the first case was revealed in Kerala on January 30. More than 60 percent of total cases in the country and over 50 percent of total deaths have been recorded in July.

Let’s have a look at the top 4 coronavirus cases’ states

  1. Maharashtra

  • The state has the most lethal record. In Maharashtra, a total of 10,320 new cases and 265 deaths on Friday, taking the total cases to 4,22,118 cases. The state has logged the highest number of cases in India.
  • Mumbai, the capital is the worst-hit city, with about 1 lakh cases.  About half of the state’s total patients are from Mumbai Metropolitan Region.

 2.Tamil Nadu 

  • The state recorded a total of 2,45,849 cases in its region. Till last Friday, it recorded around six thousand cases in a single day. The total death rate in Tamil Nadu surged to 3,935.
  •  Chennai has the maximum number of coronavirus patients in the state. The city’s overall tally reached 99,794. Apart from Chennai, other districts like Kanchipuram( 485),  Thiruvallur (373), Ranipat( 359)  have the largest amount of cases.

3. Andhra Pradesh

  • The state witnessed the highest one day jump of cases and casualties in the past few days. With new 10,167 cases detected in the last 24 hours, the tally mounted to 130557 cases. The death cases now crossed 1281 cases.
  • The case doubled in the last eight days, as 65884 cases recorded.

4. Delhi

  •  The first coronavirus case in Delhi was found on 2 March 2020. After this, the virus never stopped accelerating.  The total cases have expanded to 1697054 cases in the capital. In the last 24 hours,  the nation’s capital marked about 58 thousand new coronavirus patients.
  • Sero Surveillance survey revealed that, on an average, 23.48 percent of the dwellers across the national capital has evolved Covid-19 antibodies. The study, which was conducted by the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) also suggested that a large number of patients remain asymptomatic. The survey was supervised amid June 27 and July 10.
  • Last week, a study conducted by the National Centre for Disease Control and disclosed by the federal health ministry found that nearly 23 percent of Delhi’s population of 20 million have had the novel coronavirus.

The current scenario of the nation 

India needed 183 days to go over 16 lakh coronavirus cases. The nation had scratched the one lakh-mark in 110 days after the first case was reported in Kerala on January 30. More than 60 percent of total cases in the nation and over 50 percent of total deaths have been listed in July.

At 3.6 percent, India’s rate of gain in cases is more than twice the of 1.6 percent in the US and considerably higher than Brazil’s 2.3 percent – the only two nations with a higher caseload.

The phase of lockdown and unlock 

After a strict lockdown schedule lasted for more than 3 months, the government finally put off restrictions gradually. After two stages of unlocking by the central government, it disclosed the rules for unlock 3.

According to this, Night curfew has been scrapped altogether and gyms and yoga institutes – outside containment zones- have been allowed to reopen.

However, state governments can independently make a choice.  Seeing the rising cases, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, and Nagaland ordered a lockdown till the month-end. While Uttar Pradesh has weekend lockdown and Assam carries out partial lockdown every night.

The Situation can be worse 

  • Going by the current trend, the Indian Institute of Sciences(IIS) estimates that India may have more than 35 lakh cases by  September 1. Further,  their modeling provides a projection of the current trend. According to it, in October, India may experience a peak of 9.7 lakhs active cases. And, at the end of March 2021, the nation may have a total of 90 lakh cases.
  • Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the US notified that by spring next year, India might record 287,000 cases a day.
  • In a report present by Cheif Scientific Advisor of UK, Sir Patrick Vallance,  India may experience a second wave of coronavirus in winter, basically December.
  • As the cases surge high in India the public healthcare system is collapsing in India, The New York Times has warned in its article on how India might come to be the worst-hit nation by a coronavirus.
  • India’s public health system is harshly strained, and experts believe it is likely to reach a breaking point as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government resumes to ease a nationwide lockdown.
  • The International Labour Organization says that the pandemic is predicted to wipe out 100 million fulltime jobs in India. With India’s economy already in a downward slide before the pandemic hit, the necessary corrective measures are now at the emergency grade.


The only ray of hope – Vaccine

The human trial of India’s first potential coronavirus vaccine Covaxin has begun in Uttar Pradesh today. Uttar Pradesh’s Rana Hospital and Trauma Centre were one of the 12 institutes selected by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for clinical human prosecution of Covaxin.


 It was developed by Bharat Biotech International Limited in collaboration with the Indian Council of Medical Research and National Institute of Virology. Bharat Biotech formulated an “inactivated” vaccine at its high-containment facility at Genome Valley in Hyderabad. Apart from Uttar Pradesh, the vaccine trial has already begun in Hyderabad, Rohtak, Patna, Kancheepuram, Delhi, Goa, and Bhubaneswar.

However, even if the vaccine is ready to use, its deliverance would be a big challenge. India has to take great responsibility to curb this havoc from the country.



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