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DU Delhi University’s decision to scrap the reservations this year has been unfair and would also affect the culture of college adversely. The ECA quota consists of scores of students who participated in extracurricular activities in school as well as those who had joined colleges in Delhi.

Hritika Aneesh, an 18-year-old Bharatnatyam dancer is one amongst such students. She and many such students have started a petition against the university for discarding the course. The petition got 400 signatures a day after it was started. Ms. Aneesh, a Delhi resident, stated that some board exams were also canceled because of the Delhi riots in her case. The quota would have been a real blessing in this context.

Ms. Aneesh’s mother runs a dance school. She questioned as to why trials could not take place online. She stated that their dance classes are also being held online. Likewise, she even pointed out that the university was permitting online trials for admission to music courses.

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Pratishita Arya, said that university carrying out online examinations but not have the capability to carry out online trials was a bit unusual. She is another dancer who has taken part and won competitions at district and state levels. Ms. Arya further added that as a premier university, they expect a lot out of them.


Another student, Shubham Gupta, residing in Ghaziabad, said that this was his dream. He was extremely disappointed in hearing that his efforts may not yield the desired result this year. He had been striving to get through DU after having been part of start-ups, competitions, and other activities.

Discarding the quota would be a major loss to colleges and unfair to students according to those who had entered the University through it. Ankit Rathi said that the students who entered the University through this mode were significant for improving quizzing societies. He secured the first rank in the quizzing section of the ECA quota the previous year. They would bank on them for competitions, according to him. He at the same time comprehends that undertaking trials would be tough particularly because there is no uniform body for quizzing. He believed that some method could have been worked out despite this.


Yashwardhan Shukla got in through the creative writing quota in 2018. He said that the ECA enables individuals, who had worked on their personalities overall to get an entry into university. Whereas Mr. Shukla believes there is an issue of transparency in administrating trials in the present situation. He even said that the university should have been better competent with choices rather than entirely cutting off this option.

Astha Arora is another student who joined the University through the debating ECA quota. She indicated that the college culture was mainly about extracurricular activities and societies more than academics at Delhi University.


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