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When someone asks me what inspired me to begin with my economics tutorial sessions, the scenario of dull Economics lecture going on in DU comes in my mind. Everyone seemed to be puppets in hand of teachers. Economics has always been a fun loving and interesting subject till the date I entered in that dull, non-responsive Eco lecture at DU. It seemed like no one is learning, all are simply present there for sake of some attendance. As if they are forced and tied there till teacher speaks all the bookish theory in some unfancied non-alluring manner. This somehow made me feel that this just shouldn’t be the way to teach such an interesting subject. I’ve always been keen to learn Economics, but in this way? Never, I suppose. This didn’t seem right to me. The teaching methodology of course makes a stark difference. This way would gradually lessen the interest any Economics learner ever had. This brought a sudden urge in me to save my interest as well as upcoming mere learners of Economics’ interest in the subject. Only way out I could think of, within my capabilities was teaching what I already knew. Or shall I put it in this way, spreading my knowledge in most convenient manner.  I’ve been through non-fruitful, dull Economics lectures all semester. All this semester all I’ve done is simply taking notes, which was more like copying the content in book, in my notebook. Sometimes, I even struggled through keeping my eyes wide open because of the monotonous, non- visually aided teaching methodology of the teacher made me dizzy. I didn’t have any problem with the teacher or her concept, but definitely her methodology. The unlikely atmosphere of the classroom made my mind wander and think of a solution- a solution to this cacophony. Thinking of something that could develop interest of students in Economics. Something beyond all the bookish knowledge. Something that could make the students learn effortlessly. That’s when the question – “ Why don’t I start teaching in my own way ? Shall I spread Economics my way ?” My un dying passion brought me to the place where I am right now. Teaching masses through online Economics tutorial sessions under, focusing on CBSE class 12th Economics. My soul purpose being saving interest of students in Economics. It took around continuous day and night effort for about 10 days, brushing up through every chapter covered in Micro Economics and Macro Economics taught in school, and coming up with gist of it in 106 videos. Mid semester break I got from DU were fully utilized in making shaping my ideas into actions. After giving several takes in front of camera, because it was my first time, I gathered enough confidence to present the videos with all the relevant topic I had to cover. Finally, on 2nd April, my whole struggle came into symphony when I launched my website for the students. Online classes are visually aided and create time utility as well. Students can easily access the website,  go through the videos and effortlessly learn Economics. The teaching won’t be limited only till the four walls and a human being. Internet has opened a wider and better scope for learning.

So, this is the story behind my website, my way in the entrepreneur world.

It would be highly appreciated if you consider my story, help and support me with this so that it reaches everyone through this page .Even the backward regions where students are unable to get the adequate sunshine to bloom due to lack of facility or say light behavior of teaching staff can avail benefits of this online platform available to them 24*7 at their disposal.

Arpit Kothari – Ecomyway.



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