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Selfies, have been on a rise for quite some time now, and   now they don’t work just as tools to capture moments; but also potential brand ambassadors and advertising agents. From being a part of mobile phone ads to being an essential part of all hang outs, selfies have achieved everything. Yet  there are some people who still haven’t been able to figure out the art of clicking a selfie and it is for them that we have come out with a solution, because what can an app not change? So here are some apps that will definitely make your selfies look better and post-worthy:

 1.  YouCam Perfect- Selfie Cam

Packed with a number of interesting features, like beautifying effects, face reshaper, object remover, YouCam perfect is the go-to app for all selfie lovers.

2. Retrica

Having over 100 different filters, Retrica is one selfie app that comes with a collage maker, watermarking, timer and much more.

3. Candy Camera

Some of the great features that Candy Camera has include beautification, blemish removal, make-up features and loads of filters to brighten up that picture of yours.

4. CamMe

Also available for iOS users, CamMe is another great app for clicking selfies and has some super-cool features like Photobooth, Funshot, etc.

5. Picr

Picr is the only app that would remind you to take pictures every day and also make a unique personal movie for you every now and then based on your pictures.

By- Pragya Achantani



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