As the world is fighting against COVID-19, the government of India is also taking all necessary steps to stop this spreadly virus known as the CORONA virus. All are cooperating with the government to face this pestilence. After the lockdown announce for 21 days by our honorable prime minister – Narendra Modi, there is a big question standing in front of all undergraduate and postgraduate students about there study.

It is well said that there is a solution to every problem and today, as the world is facing a big problem (COVID-19) Delhi University has decided to take help of modern technology and to give online classes to DU students.

In order to save the semester of students Delhi University teachers had decided to take a step forward by sharing study related material online to the students using Skype, WhatsApp, Google classroom, Zoom and many other online apps.

Teachers are uploading the study related materials as per there time table on their college websites respectively and homework is checked by the teachers on a weakly basis. The work is in full progress with the support of the students as well as the teachers.

Teachers are trying there best to make this successful. They are preparing some handwritten notes, video lectures and many more to help the student at there best. No one can deny this fact that face to face learning with proper interaction with our teacher is best, but still online classes are playing a great role in this difficult situation.

The problem face by staff is also major. Some of the students are not able to attend online classes , reasons are not the same for all, as the student who has left for the village are not able to join online classes, some don’t have internet access, the student who stays in a single room with there family are not able to attend online classes.

In the science stream, you have to learn more practical than theoretical and hence teachers are lacking in this particular section.

The students are also finding some difficulty as they were home for there mid-semester break and they had not carried many books with them and hence finding difficult to manage it.

It is highly possible that the semester might extend and exams get postponed. Teachers will manage to complete the syllabus by taking extra classes or by any other means.

-Neha Dhingra


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