“I never wanted to say goodbye but that was the only way left.”

I know how hard it was for you to see them leaving. You were finding reasons to make them stay but there were none. And I know, even today when you remember them your heart still cries and those scars are still fresh as it happened yesterday. Your head replay all those memories and moments and you still hope to see them again.

       But do you know what, I am happy that they left. And look you are still here, living without them who were once your life. I am happy that they are gone because there absence made you strong. You got to understand that no matter how addicted you are to someone, life never stops for anyone. When they left you all alone on that road in between of nowhere, you were numb and blank. You felt like it was the end of the road. Actually where they left you was not the end of the road but a new beginning.

 You made every possible effort to save it from drowning but this effort was one sided.  You kept calling them but every ignored call said that things have changed. You were no more their priority. You took a lot of time to understand that. But when you stood in front of the mirror and asked yourself that “Do you really deserve all this bulls*t?”, then came a voice, “You deserve much better”. That was the day when you decided that your self- respect and dignity is bigger than every damn thing in this whole universe. You no more chased them. You understood what life wanted to teach you.

   See, one thing that you have understood after all this is that not everyone is meant to stay. No matter how long you have been together as a friend or lover, you can’t stop them even if you want to. Because life has its own way to teach you lessons. Sometimes it gives you something that you don’t want and sometimes it snatches the only thing you want.  You cannot control someone’s entry and exit in our life. The only thing that you can control is your heart and it is the toughest thing to do. No matter how hard the journey is but if your feeling are genuine and true, your heart dive in without thinking of the consequences. There is nothing else your heart considers.

    But when you get to know that they have stopped caring the way you do, you understand that they do not deserve you. And for the first time you stand against your heart, you stand for your self- respect and soul. You walk away because they are not worthy of the love that your heart has for them. You walk away because you feel it, you see it and you know it.

 These people are like seasons. They come and go. Some are summer, here for celebrating your new journey. While some of them are autumn, reason for your fall. They take your greenery and flowers until you are standing there empty handed. Then some pals are like winter, they give you peace and calm. Some become your spring.

   Never wait for anyone. The one who deserves you will burn in the fire that your eyes hold. That person will enjoy your rain and thunder. The one who will walk into that dark room and open the windows to let the sunshine come in. The one who will see the scars of yours and with every touch he/she will fix them. The one who will become your soul. The one who will uncover each and every layer that you have covered yourself with. The one who will take you out of that labyrinth you are stuck in.

 So, stop running into the past. Let your past be “past” and see what you have learnt from it. Let them come and let them go. Love them or hate them but do not let them tell you that you do not worth it. Do not let them define what you are. Don’t give them enough power to break you. Remember every person has a purpose in your life. No matter how short or long their role is every one of them has something to teach you.

    Some will stay forever and some will leave even if you don’t want them to. But life never stops for anyone. Remember them and move on with a smile on your face. This life has a lot to offer.

“This moment will just be another story someday.”

-Perks of Being a Wallflower

Ekta Yadav


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