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Seldom there comes a show which expands your mind the way this German series does. Dark is one of the most mind-bending shows one could have ever watched. Based on the adage “Everything is connected”, it brings out the classic philosophical questions back to the light – Is everything a mere coincidence? Does God exist? Our we literally in control of our faith? Does history repeat itself? Can a set of varied circumstances change a person? What compels a person to become evil?

One who starts watching this series gets completely blown away by the sheer temerity of its scale and the epic prowess of storytelling on display. It had everything you expect from a good tv show – mystery, thrill, horror, drama, love, etc. Unlike many other Netflix shows, Dark brings a nice blend of complexity as well as pace which makes it binge-worthy. The more you watch it, the more you get to understand the different layers of this mind-blowing form of storytelling. The show will grab you by the collar and keep you hooked right from the first scene.

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DARK: Highlights of Season-1 & Season-2

Amazing Storyline

The show is set in a fictitious town called Winden in Germany and depicts three different periods of the town’s history. The plot revolves around the interwoven stories of the four estranged families. The action of the series kicks off with the disappearance of a child which leads to the exposure of secrets and hidden connections.

As the story moves ahead, a time travel conspiracy is unraveled and a 33-year-old murder mystery crept within. Everything tragic or good happened to a person is not just a mere coincidence, but is caused by a chain of events. There is a new revelation with every episode. The story is too intricate than just crossing different dimensions.


Scientific Narration

The pure scientific explanations given in the form of narration is what holds the story together. It’s impressive how the story keeps unfolding with a voice in the back explaining it in bits and pieces.


The background score is to be looked out for. It makes the storytelling overall intimidating and compelling. Right from creating an eerie feeling that gives you chills to the soothing aid of the emotional scenes. The background score is top-notch. The opening credit theme is a masterpiece itself. The cinematography is incredible as well. The atmosphere in Dark perfectly complements its storyline.

Acting and Performance

More often than that, most of the science fiction dramas lack emotions. The story has loads of emotional drama. The actors amazingly bring emotions to life. None of them look like a perfect hero or a villain They make their characters what they are – grey. And this helps to bring realism to this somewhat unrealistic story. You will feel so connected to the characters that you will start rooting for your favorite characters and eventually start thinking like one.


Everyone justifies their parts, albeit some of the characters were over-acted. Some of the amazing performances were of:-

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1. Louis Hofmann’s performance as Jonas Kahnwald was stellar. He’s a confused and isolated young man. His father’s (Michael Kahnwald) suicide triggered the whole truth. One may enjoy watching him figure out the real secrets. He’s a new and emerging talent to keep your eyes on and has been in some modern German movies.

2. Jordis Triebel as Katharina Nielsen was also exceptional. She is the wife of the police chief Ulrich Nielsen (played by Oliver Masucci) and Principal of her kid’s school. As the season progresses, she becomes more involved and protective, mainly after her child goes missing. She’s a bold woman who isn’t afraid of taking charge.

3. Maja Schone’s performance as Hannah Kahnwald (Jonas Kahnwald’s mother)was also remarkable. Damn, this woman did anything to get her way. She is desperate and manipulative. You won’t know how deceptive and manipulative someone could be until you watched her in Dark.

4. Oliver Masucci as Ulrich Nielsen was relatable and inspiring. He’s angry and revengeful police chief (former). His performance brings out vulnerability as he’s unable to find his missing child and solve this mystery. One may sympathize with him and may consider him the anti-hero and the spine of the series.

5. Karoline Eichhorn as Charlotte Doppler was also an outstanding act. She is one strong-headed woman and has a very serious all-business personality.

Dark Season-3 

The third and final season of the series is coming out on Netflix on 27 June 2020.

Dark is an outstanding show which instead of resolving its mystery brings more questions to your head. Anyone looking up for something new and intriguing to watch can go for this.



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