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On Sunday, several medical students protested near the Jantar Mantar, requesting the postponement of the NEET PG 2022 exam. The examination date which is scheduled is 21 May 2022. Aspirants’ demand is from the National Board of Examinations (NBE) and the Medical Counseling Committee (MCC).

The National Entrance-cum-Eligibility Test Postgraduate, NEET PG 2022 exam is clashing with counseling for NEET PG 2021 which is in process. Also, the exam dates are clashing with other state examinations. That’s the reason students are urging postponement. 

The protest gained its heat just after a couple of hours when NBE circulated a clarification on the issue. There was a false online claim stating that the NEET PG exam has been postponed. Accordingly, NBE gave the official statement and said, “It has been noticed by NBEMS that some online false information is coming through using spoofed notices. Those false claims are in the name of NBE.”

Furthermore, many medical aspirants argue that they were in a dilemma of choosing one at a time. To be clear, students said that they had to choose between appearing for the INI-CET exam or the counseling round. The INI-CET exam was on 8 May, conducted by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Delhi. 

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On Sunday, students, after appearing for the National Importance Combined Entrance Test (INI-CET), assembled in Delhi to protest. While complaining, Dr. Uday Reddy (Hyderabad aspirant) said, “NBE showing its lack of efforts. NBE fails in its work. Accordingly, candidates are in the stress and dilemma of choosing one.”

In addition, many have complained that they were not able to complete their internships during their Covid duties. To this, Dr. Pooja Singh said that the Government of India should interfere in the matter. It must help medical students in their professional lives. 

Students Urge Government to Intervene 

Dr. Pooja said, “We are happy to do our duty during the peak of the pandemic. Though, the government must understand the members of the medical fraternity. We need your help in postponing the NEET PG exams. We are not asking for meaningless things.” She added, “We just want the exam to be deferred by 8-10 weeks. So, students can study anxiety-free. As it is unfair to expect that we can prepare in such a short period.”

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Besides, Dr. Kajal, one of the aspirants in the protest said that authorities needed us during the peak time of the pandemic, so they postponed the exams. But, when we are in need, they refuse by saying irrelevant demands.

Over 15000 Students Wrote A Letter To PMO For Rescheduling The NEET PG 2022 Exam

To seek help in rescheduling the exam, over 15 thousand aspirants have written a PMO (Prime Minister’s Office). Dr. Kajal said that over 20 MPs are ready to help us and have written to the PMO. However, no response from the government has come yet. 

While demanding, students claimed that there was a time when the exam has been postponed for a few days before the examination day. Therefore, they should understand that they shall not do it again. Dr. Vibhu said, “Such a situation of postponing exams a couple of days before exams, has given stress to many of us. So, they must postpone it now to avoid the same situation. This will make several aspirants prepare or revise without panic.”




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