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In a note to the Vice-Chancellor (DU VC), Hansraj Suman, chairman of the conference and an ex-member of the DU’s Academic Council, has declared that the universities and the colleges accept more learners than ordered seats each year while seats of UR category stay available.

The Forum of Academics for Social Justice has inscribed to DU ( Delhi University) Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh, instructing him to analyze the entry information of the last five years to glance into the “shortfall” in the admission of learners under reserved categories before inaugurating this year’s acceptance procedure.

In a message to the Vice-Chancellor Singh, Hansraj Suman, chairman of the forum and a previous member of the DU’s ( Delhi University) Academic Council, has claimed that the university and colleges will give admission to more students than permitted seats every year while seats under reserved sectors remain blank.

“Before beginning, the entry procedure under OBC, ST and PWD proportion, the details of the past five years should be read. It will indicate that universities have provided more entries than the allotted seats, while the reserved seats are not restored in retrieval. Each year the allotted seats of reserved sectors remain empty,” the information said.

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Mr. Hansraj Suman declared that each year 10 percent further entries are committed in Delhi University colleges than the permitted seats and most of the universities do not fill the seats of reserved sectors on the raised seats.

Mr. Hansraj Suman has also instructed DU VC to comprise a monitoring committee for the universities which should formulate a statement on the scarcity of skills in these establishments.

Delhi University should comprise a monitoring council for the universities at its degree. Only lecturers of reserved categories should be maintained at this conference.

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