Research work conducted

The newly made division has been under MHRD that will carry out research works in the fields of science and arts, create awareness, searching sharp minds, writing authentic books, and development of significant portals.


The Ministry of Human Resource

Development (MHRD) now has an analysis department for Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) with a special statute to take significant steps and contribute towards unraveling the rich heritage of India and its rituals.

The Sector will also work on building knowledge and identifying scholars, writing of factual books, and improvement of portals. The IKS division will work under the leadership of the chairman of AICTE and MHRD.

On June 19, the ministry called for requisitions for the designation of head coordinator, coordinator, and research fellows solely on a contractual basis.
Anil Saharabuddhe, AICTE chairman and manager of the division in MHRD, told media reporters, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has formulated to set up the department after a discussion with researchers, academicians and professionals in the realm in March.

The government shaped a research division, in which one of the teams set up was Indian Knowledge Systems. The meeting was initiated by HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ with experts in the area where it was discussed that there is an element to study, stories known, and some hyperboles, and we need to analyze it like modern sciences and find the truth — distinct from exaggeration, he said.

He added further, Whatever we have has to be validated by this division. The process of discovering the truth has already started with the call for applications in some correspondences. The project is in a budding stage presently but involves educational organizations. For centuries, Indian knowledge was directed in the background. We have to or we will be losing it if don’t initiate to work over it.


The report that has been uploaded on the official of the MHRD reads: Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) Division of MHRD will vigorously commit for dissipating the rich culture of our nation and traditional proficiency i.e. arts, music, dance, health, Ayurveda, Nadi pariksha (pulse examination), yoga, mathematics, science, and technology, etc.
AICTE has also formulated an IKS site for compiling input and creating a database of specialists as part of the move.

In order to improve interdisciplinary research on all facets of Indian Knowledge Systems, preserve, and disseminate Indian Knowledge Systems for additional study and societal recommendations. MHRD wishes to establish a database of individuals and institutions who have participated by way of Research, Teaching, Publication, and Preservation of historical and modern rich Indian Knowledge Systems.

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It encloses art, music, dance, drama, mathematics, astronomy, science, technology, life sciences, environment, and natural sciences, health care, yoga, law, jurisprudence, economics, social sciences, psychology, philosophy, management, linguistics, oral rituals of India, knowledge covered in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Tamil, Pali, etc and plans to examine the information, analyze and put in context through interdisciplinary scientific exploration; create an outlet for archival and dissemination of this rich insight. We appeal to you to communicate your interests on this portal for further steps and meet the above-stated ideas, notified the IKS website formulated by AICTE.

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