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Political Science is a famous course in Delhi University. The course concerns with study of constitutions of a country and different political aspects. The course also includes international relations, political theories, history, political economy, foreign policies, public administration and a number of other academic fields. Many students opt the course for mere graduation purpose unaware of its future aspects and scope. If you are also thinking of choosing political science, then look for some career av  ensues where you can go after graduation.

1. Political Scientist

Political Scientists are the people who study political systems. They discover the trends that shape one’s identity, and their interests. Their job include task such as conducting surveys, analyses election results, interview relevant individuals and scrutinize available documentation, consulting work with governmental officials, Identifying, researching, analyzing and advocating public issues etc.

2. Teaching 

Teaching is a rewarding job to reciprocate one’s learning to others. After graduation in Political science, one can pursue B.Ed. and teach at school level. Majority of political scientists pursue master’s course and teach at university level as well.

3. Research work

Research is another common career option. Most of political scientists go for research work. Many teaching positions, particularly in the universities but also in colleges require research activities. Other areas where one can be employed for research work are business or industrial firm, in a N.G.O. or even in the non-profit or advocacy sector. You can also head your own research or consulting firms.

4. Mass Communication and Journalism

Graduates of political science can also apply for journalism. There are various events and shows which require political scientists for creating reports, conducting interviews, attending press conferences and covering elections etc. They can also write articles for publications in newspaper, magazines and journals.

5. Opportunities in Business and Entrepreneurship

Political Scientists with a Post Graduate degree can work in a variety of fields such as human resources and management. Political scientists in industry and business apply their knowledge and skills to solve business problems. These include planning for the future – using demography and forecasting, dealing with organizational change and growth using training techniques and organizational and competitive analysis and increasing productivity and efficiency through team building and work reorganization.

6. Opportunities in Government Sector

Political scientist can also get job in government sector as civil servants where they can get engaged in research and evaluation of function of government. They are employed in variety of govt. agencies and departments for policy analysis or problem-solving.

Political scientist are required in number of organizations and departments be it public administration, academics, international relations, intelligence expert etc. A political scientist needs to have excellent communication skill as their job involve lot of research and report work. Other skills like logical thinking, skills to manage crises, make decision and manage teams and a level of significant curiosity and creativity should be there.Salary depends on the position and profile however it is expected a fresh graduate can earn Rs. 8k to 15k.

– Anushikha Chaudhary


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