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This year students who have excelled in sports in their school will have a relaxation of maximumm15% on the last relevant cut-off list, only if they fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria in the sports quota. Each college has a provision of not more than 5% sports quota/ECA quota subject-wise and colleges are free to decide the actual number of seats to be filled on sports basis keeping in view the facilities available and the requirement of the college.

This year, colleges have already listed their requirement for students to be selected under sports quota and no extra student will be admitted.

“For example, a cricketer who is a bowler having high competency may not get a college of his/her choice if that particular college is only looking for a batsman that year,” said a university official.


The university later informed that the admission on the basis of sports will be based on two categories — super category in which direct admission without sports trial will be allowed and the sports trial category. In the super category, any sportsperson who have represented India competition recognised and also funded by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports will be given direct admission without any sports trial. But they will be given admission where the college has listed a requirement for that game/sport otherwise they will be not be admitted if there is no requirement. Next on the basis of sports trial, a maximum 40 marks will be reserved for merit/ participation certificates and different level certificates will account for different marks. Sports certificate of invitational/ memorial/ open/ prize money league/ ranking competitions will not be considered in the admission.

The university also said,”Applicants are required to upload self-attested copies of three merit/participation sports certificate. However, only the highest merit/ participation sports certificate will be considered for marking,”

While filling the application form online the student will have to upload their certificates according to the prescribed file size limit in the sports category registration page.

The applicant can upload three merit/ participation sports certificates. Applicants can apply for as many sports as they want to but there is a fee of ₹100 for each game/ sport in which an applicant wants to be considered for admission under sports quota. Merit/participation sports certificate of preceding three years will be considered. A maximum of 60 marks will be given for performance in sports trial.

The university said that all students who have taken admission via sports quota will have to submit an undertaking at the time of admission stating that he/ she will only play for the college/ university during their undergraduate programmes.

~Preksha Mishra


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