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Home delivery of Alcohol in areas which do not come under the COVID-19 containment zones has been allowed from May 15.

This service is allowed only in those districts where liquor sale is permitted and only wine and beer shops will be allowed to home delivery and not country liquor shops as per the guidelines which were issued on Wednesday by Excise Commissioner Kantilal Umap.

No extra charges to imposed for to be imposed for home delivery. ONLY MRP TO BE PAID to the retailers.


Table of Contents

Guidelines for customers

⦁ customer must hold a permit to order alcohol
⦁ customers can obtain a permit from the state excise department website
⦁ orders can be placed through WhatsApp, SMS, or by directly calling up the store.


Guidelines for retailers

⦁ retailers need to acquire passes persons from the Excise Superintendent of Police or the Deputy Superintendent of Police fro the delivery persons.
⦁ Valid ID cards will be issued for a limited period.
⦁ one retailer can engage not more than 10 people for home delivery service.
⦁ only one order can be delivered by a person at once and not more than 25 units can be delivered by one person in a day.

Valid Medical certification for the delivery agents is a must from a certified doctor and wearing masks, head caps, hand gloves, and use of sanitizers has been made mandatory for the delivery agents.

Thermal scanning of the agents must be done at the retail shops.
A separate book also needs to be maintained to keep the record of the liquor delivered to homes.



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