Jindal Global University Puts Off 'Democracy in Action Programme' Due to Problems

Jindal Global University (JGU) planned a ‘Democracy in Action Programme (DIAP)’ for students, but there were issues. The university wanted students to understand how democracy works, but some students had concerns about the event’s intentions. They worried it might influence their political views.

The First News

JGU said on Friday that they would have the DIAP soon. It was a chance for some students to work with Mr. Naveen Jindal, who wants to be in the Lok Sabha. They hoped this programme would give students a chance to learn about politics firsthand. They also wanted students to engage with real-world issues.

Students Worried

One student didn’t like this. They said it seemed like the university wanted students to help a certain political party. This goes against what the university said before. They were concerned about the university’s neutrality. Some students felt uncomfortable with the idea of participating in political activities on campus.

What Happened Next

Jindal Global University (JGU) sent an email to students on Saturday. They said they’re sorry but they can’t have the programme now. They’ll do it later when more students can join. They wanted to make sure all students had a fair chance to participate. They also needed more time to address students’ concerns properly.

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Like Delhi University

Delhi University also had trouble with a similar event. They wanted to do a ‘Viksit Bharat Run’ but people didn’t like it. Some people thought it was too political for a university event. The controversy raised questions about the role of universities in politics.


JGU decided to wait before doing the DIAP. It’s important to listen to students and do things right. They want to make sure all students feel comfortable and included. They also need to uphold the university’s reputation for fairness and impartiality.

Student Reaction

Some students were happy about the decision. They said it’s good that the university listened to their concerns. They felt heard and respected. Others were disappointed because they were excited about participating in the DIAP.

What’s Next

JGU wants to make sure students have a chance to take part in the DIAP. They’ll announce a new date soon. They hope more students will be able to participate this time. They also plan to provide more information about the programme’s goals and objectives.

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Other Universities

Other universities are also thinking about similar programmes. They need to be careful to follow the rules. It’s important for universities to be fair and transparent. They should also consider how their actions might impact students’ education and well-being.

Final Thoughts

It’s important for universities to involve students in meaningful activities. But they also need to make sure everything is fair and follows the rules. Universities play a big role in shaping young minds, so they must lead by example. They should promote critical thinking and civic engagement without imposing any particular political views.



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