DU PG Admission 2021

The Delhi University cut-off left everyone in shock when a DU affiliated college released its cut-off. Lady Shri Ram college announced a 100 % cut-off when the first cut-off list.

There is a French term that correctly descriìbes the whole scenario. The word is fait accompli which is defined by things that are previously being decided in a particular way, even before the affected ones get to know about it.

The term can be used to explain many issues in our country. Like the case of Tibetans and Uighurs in China or to explain why certain things are decided in that particular way. Here, we are talking about the relevance of this word in the case of Lady Shri Ram College.

It has to be admitted that the usage of the term fait accompli doesn’t perfectly suit the situation of DU cut-offs. But the 100 % cut-off we see today in 2020 can be anticipated years ago. The Delhi University cut-off has been rising exponentially and thus this could have been guessed. This is a fait accompli.

The ones who are not in DU or haven’t thought of applying in it would be shocked when 100 % cut-off released. The move is being ridiculed by the casual eye and could be anticipated by any DU aspirant.

We need to understand the concept behind these cut-offs. The students can’t score perfectly in mathematical and scientific subjects. However, they are scoring perfectly or easily in language subjects like Hindi and English. The blame is coming down to grade inflation. Students are scoring cent percent in many subjects.

One reason behind the high marks could be the illogical marking system of some state boards. They are awarding free marks to the students. The motive behind it would be to corner the seats for its students in some top colleges like Delhi University.

In the lines of the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) for the medical aspirants, Common Aptitude Test (CAT) for the business schools, and Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE) for engineering, we need to have a singular school-leaving exam. It is surely more realistic and reliable which will check the aptitude of the student. Moreover, this is to reduce the pressure of board examination.

The senior secondary system is broken and needs a replacement. Our country has allowed many international examination systems to operate within it. This is not been opposed but Indian educators have to draw a line.

The New National Education policy announced a nationwide entrance examination. The idea proposes a singular exam which will help in the better assessment. It will give birth to a uniform system across the nation. However, many states are against this reform.

Like many other nations, India should follow this norm and design a uniform school living examination. These cut-offs act like an eye-opener as we don’t know that the next academic year holds. The proposal is awaited to be passed as a law. The supreme had previously allowed JEE and NEET, confirmation on this national school-leaving exam is yet to be made.


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