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We know all of you are eagerly waiting for this day. Yes, it is an important day to find out what future holds for you. Most of students right now are full of anxiety, nervousness and tension.

‘Is class 12th board result important?’ such question starts hovering in mind of most of students few days before the result day. Without a doubt, class 12th marks are important. Based on the marks you score, you get admission to colleges. Even if you go for entrance exam based colleges, there also 12th marks are considered. Class 12th marks are also considered for job interviews.

Not every student is a topper; there are average and low scorers too. Marks can never justify intelligence of a student. These three hour of examination merely indicate if we are good enough in studies or not. Most students are there who score well in examination but have no practical knowledge about the subject and then there are some who know how to apply concept in daily life but just because he/she is not able to cram a book, score low. Even if you score low tomorrow, remember you are not going to attach the mark sheet on your head. No one will remember your marks after two-three months. Yes, you might not get admission in some elite college or course that you want to apply for and might have to look for less applicable course. But that’s not the end of the world. If you work hard in that course too, you can still achieve success. Gone are the days when companies used to consider topper of class 12th instead now company look for student who score 60% marks but have good practical knowledge and concepts clear in their mind.

True, our society and education system judge us on basis of these digits printed on mark sheet but what all matters is your interest .You are not born to impress society. Take a course that satiate your interest, serve your goals and purpose of life. Similarly, if you do not get admission in some elite college, then choose a less known college over them and purse your interest.

Every day is a new beginning for us. If you invest each single day to learn something and innovate something then this world has no boundary for you. After result, whichever college you go to, whatever course you opt for, if you do not continually learn and keep innovating, even the best of scores or the bests of colleges cannot not help you. Making a long story short, whatever you do, put your soul in that. Taking unnecessary tension and pressurizing yourself for the failure will never help you. Instead, accept them and look for opportunities that are still in your hand.

By Anushikha Chaudhary


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