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Delhi University offers a lot of courses, there are some courses that are very popular among students. These popular courses remain on top of course wish list of most of the student. This popularity leads to high competition and ultimately to a high cut-off. If you are planning to pursue graduation from Delhi University, then check these popular courses. Here are 10 most sought after courses of Delhi University.

1. English Honors

‘English honours’ is one of the most sought courses in Delhi University. If you adore writing and reading literature then definitely this course fits you. Literature covers the journey of prominent writers of the different era. Students acknowledge the best artwork of different authors and learn about their style of writing. Students who pursue this course can work in the field in teaching, writing, journalism, publishing and translation.

2. B.Com (Honors)

‘ honours’ is also a very populated course in DU. A number of the student who applies for this course always remain high. If you like calculating profit and loss of business then this is perfect you. This course teaches you the accounting and business rules. This course deals with subjects like Finance Accounting, Business Statistics, Micro Economics, and Business Law etc. After this course, you can make a career in the field of banking and auditing. Even after graduation, you can work in any private or government organization as accountant or management executive.

3. Economic Honors

‘Economic honors’ is another field full of numbers, data and statistics. This course includes subjects like Mathematics, statistics, Micro-Macro Economics and economic policy etc. There are many fields which require economic experts like government enterprises, private firms, public undertakings, finance sector, banking firms and business journals etc. This course holds a great opportunities for students.

4. Political science Honors

Every year a large part of students apply for ‘political science honors’. No doubt, this is one of the famous courses among students. If you also like to discuss political ideas, events and actions then you should go for this course. This course talks about various political strategies in different countries. Subjects like schools of political thought, classical political philosophy, international relations and diplomacy etc. are taught in this course. Some career options related to this subject are NGO, Civil Service etc. Some other fields are teaching, journalism and social research.

5. Psychology Honors

‘Psychology Honors’ is a course that deals with behavior of human and animal. If you have good observation skills and keen interest in knowing about human behavior, this course is made for you.This course includes subjects like Psychological Research, Emergence and Growth of Psychology, Social Psychology etc. If Psychology pursued in right direction they are many career option like teaching,NGO, Hospitals, correction home and independent clinical practice etc.

6. Maths Honors

‘Maths Honors’ is another most sought after course in Delhi University. Again, if you like immersing in calculations and solving questions with quick tricks then you should pursue Math honors.  In Maths honors you study subjects like Calculus, differential equation and algebra etc. There are many career avenues after graduating from Math Honors like teaching, market researcher, banking and military operations etc.

7. Chemistry Honors

If you have interest in experiments with chemicals, then chemistry honors give you opportunity to expand your knowledge in field of chemistry. There are many employment areas related to chemistry honors like pharmaceutical industries, chemical manufacturers, forensic science department, plastic industries, agrochemical industries, etc. Apart from these, students graduated with degree of chemistry honors are also recruited in other fields such as oil, gas and power sectors and even in defense services.

8. Physics Honors

Most of science stream students apply for this course. The course study educates the participants with various aspects of matter, motion, energy, time, and so on. The course offers adequate scope after graduation. Some common job areas are Lab supervisor, Researcher, Technician, Teacher/professor and Consulting Physicist etc.

9. Journalism Honors

Journalism is an exclusive course in Delhi University which is slowly gaining popularity among students. The course gives knowledge about various aspects of journalism, documentary and radio projects. If you also have interest in knowing about trends, investigating stories and news around you, then you should consider journalism as a career. Many students pursue journalism and work in field of writer, reporter or researcher. Even some students go for script writing and filmmaking.

10. Botany

‘Botany’ the word says it all about the course and subjects related to it. Here all you talk about is greenery and environment. Botany is also one of the famous courses in Delhi University and hence it’s cut off also remain high.  Graduation in botany gives various career opportunities to the students.  Ecologist, conservationists, taxonomist, conservationists etc. are some the famous careers. Botany pursued with mathematics, open more fields like biophysics, genetics, system ecology or developmental botany. Similarly, with chemistry, fields like biochemistry, molecular biology or plant physiology are there. Biotechnology is another rising field for botany graduates.

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These are few most sought-after courses in Delhi University. It has been seen that student opt course just because they are popular. Basically, most students run with the pack. Choosing a course just because it is popular is not the correct measure instead student should look if the course satisfies their interest and goals. What suits on one will not necessarily suit you. There are so many other courses as well which are not much popular but may give you better career option. Hence don’t limit yourself. Keep searching for the one that ignites your interest and potential.

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