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Open universities offer various learning programs available for distant learning. Among all the open university, IGNOU and Delhi SOL have a different standard. Due to its numerous advantages, students are opting for this source of education. The battle, IGNOU vs SOL prevails in every student’s mind who wants a promising distant learning policy.

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IGNOU and SOL both offer distant learning criteria for the students who want to pursue distinct courses, serving as an elastic medium that works according to the need of students.

IGNOU or Indira Gandhi National open university, inaugurated in 1985 under Act of Parliament, located in Delhi, is of the most renowned university of Asia. The university offers regular as well as open learning programs. More than th2.8 million students are enrolled with 67 regional centers to make study easier.

SOL or school of open learning comes under Delhi University, is one of the most prestigious universities in India. It was established in the year 1922(63 years before IGNOU) under the act of the Central Legislative Assembly as the Unitary and teaching university. Many colleges under du have NAAC grade A+ and A.

Both universities have their pros and cons according to one’s requirements. Given below are certain features of each university which will help you to find the answer of IGNOU vs sol.

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⦁ Reputation:

Delhi University, sol is raked among the top 20 universities by MHRD while ignou is recognized not only in India but also across Asia. IGNOU vs sol, both have almost equal weightage.

⦁ Courses offered:

This is the most important norm, which will help students to choose their best between ignou vs sol. When talking about sol, it offers limited undergraduate courses like BA and B.com (honors and program) and post postgraduates like MA and M.com. It doesn’t offer Science related stream courses and they have a particular list for MA subjects which may not hold the subject you ask for.

In the case of Ignou, it provides a large number of courses including a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, M.Phil. program, Ph.D. degree, none credit programs, and Doctoral program. In addition to this, they also provide certificate courses and diploma programs.
It’s obvious, ignou vs sol, in terms of courses available, ignou has a higher stand.

⦁ Examination center

The examination center of sol is in Delhi itself and it can not cross Delhi’s boundaries while Ignou has examination centers all across the country. Even some centers are outside of the nation as well. Students of ignou have the option to choose the nearest location which is best suited for their examination center from the list provided by Ignou.
Ignou vs sol, here clearly it’s a win for ignou.

Admission Procedure

In the case of Sol, a cut off list is released by Delhi University, according to which students are selected. For some courses, it has an entrance test called Delhi University Entrance Test (Duet), and on a merit basis, you can take admission
For ignou admission, there are cutoff criteria as well and for some courses, the University conducts entrance examinations twice a year (June and December ) like openmat, Nchmt, jee, etc.

⦁ Attendance

This is a major criteria to judge the better between ignou vs sol. The primary reason for opting for a distant learning program for students is flexible study hours so as to invest their time in other commitments.
In the case of ignou, sometimes you need to attend a few classes but in sol, there is no compulsion for attendance to sit in the examination. Clearly, if you don’t wish to attend classes, Ignou vs sol, sol will be better.

⦁ Assignment

If you are devoted to your course and want to prepare assignments for increasing knowledge then, ignou will be a better option as it provides assignments regularly that carry 30marks each and will counted in annual examinations.
While sol believes in self-study and does not provide any assignments.
According to this norm, it totally depends upon you, which is better in ignou vs sol.

⦁ Study material

Study material proposed by ignou is of exceptional quality with every topic summarized and explained briefly. Study material is enough for the preparation of examinations.
Sol provides good material but it is not enough for exams. Sol believes more in the concept of theory.


The degree offered by ignou is recognized all over the world and has the same value everywhere.
In the case of sol, it neither has value outside the country nor it has the same dignity of a regular du degree.
Here, ignou vs sol, we can see transparently who is vanquisher!

⦁ Complication level of exams

The candidates have to go through the syllabus thoroughly and the marking scheme is mostly tough. So you have to be quite prepared for the examination
While in sol, it is normal with lesser difficulties than ignou. Besides this, sol offers a lenient marking scheme.
From the above point, what do you think about ignou vs sol?


⦁ Management

According to management, ignou is better. The simple reason, study centers are provided to students within their proximity almost across the nation to guide students related to any doubts. From the start to the end of the semester, everything is managed properly without any fail and ignou try to make stuffs student-friendly in every way.
In the case of sol, you won’t have any study centers to access and sometimes sol lacks management functionality which annoys students.

However, it more depends more upon your view on different norms but analyzing the above points, one can conclude, in the debate ignou vs sol, ignou is absolutely better.

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