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Delhi University provides many short-term courses every year according to the interest of students and help them to achieve future goals. If you want to enhance your cv then you must do these short term courses in Delhi. Most likely your three-year advanced education won’t comprehend the deliberately in this time of rivalry. To begin selecting yourself in these transient courses offered by Delhi University that can go about as enhancements and feature you in the long lines for the activity. These courses are for DU students just and you have to have the least qualification for enlisting. There are several short term courses in Delhi In which you can enroll yourself. Here is the list of some short term courses in Delhi University.

In a nation that is developing at a rapid pace, new provinces of knowledge are being found out every day, one cannot afford to quit learning. What was ‘a lot of knowledge ’ for yesterday might be ‘too little’ for tomorrow. No one likes to lag behind in terms of knowledge and expertise. It is the purpose why Short-term courses are preferred.  Courses are increasing popularity. These courses guide on backing up your awareness with the relevant abilities. They fill out the proficiency gaps you have and enable you to stay ahead of the angle. Not only does it assist you to get rewarding employment but a rewarding & fulfilling career.

Honing your skills with short-term courses help you get a competitive edge in the workplace. It showcases your eagerness to vie, formulate, and learn. It is something that every employer looks for in its employees. It’s needless to say that it makes you an indispensable resource for any organization.

Short term courses are the educational or other courses that can be completed within a short period. People utilize their free time for such courses. Generally, these courses consent to our profession or our identity. We cannot take these courses like our prime education qualification but these courses definitely give extra strength to our educational qualification. These benefits enhance the confidence grade of a person to face the competitors in different stages of our trained life.

1. Languages courses

Researchers have a launch that learning a foreign language brings about you more efficient than people who are monolinguals. It improves your proficiency to make decisions logically and to come up with explanations while giving rise to your innovation with superior vocabulary. Multilingual are divergent scholars and possess skills to specify alternatives to a problem.

Whether you have a chance to learn a different language at your university or you want to enroll for online classes, learning a foreign language will give you multiple benefits and upskill your career to new heights.


Language abilities can be a crucial competitive advantage that establishes you apart from your monolingual friends. They are among the prime eight skills assigned of all occupations—no matter your sector or skill level—and the need for bilingual professionals is increasing exponentially. They offer certificate and diploma courses in languages such as Romanian, German, Spanish.

Colleges that provide Language short term courses in Delhi University are:-

The colleges that provide language short term courses in Delhi University are St. Stephens College, Jesus & Mary College, Delhi College Of Arts & Commerce, Gargi College, Ramjas College, Hindu College, Kamala Nehru College, SGTB Khalsa College, Daulat Ram College, Hansraj College, Miranda House, Sri Venkateswara College, College Of Vocational Studies give such course.


2. Advertising & Marketing communication

The short term courses in Delhi University in advertising, marketing communications, will provide you knowledge of promotional writing and presentation and will formulate managerial and surveillance skills. The assignment enables you to work with advertisement creatives including copywriters, graphics, and interactive makers and art managers.

 Advertising and Marketing Communications certificate program will educate you with the promotional article, exhibition, and organizational abilities, as well as introductory design, basic creation, and supplier supervision skills. Courses in the advertisement, marketing communications, public connections, and project co-ordination will give you a keen awareness of the extent of your employment chances.

This short term course in Delhi focuses on providing you with skills that enable you to work with advertising creatives including copywriters, graphic and interactive designers, art directors, and suppliers with an emphasis on media planning. 


Colleges that provide Advertising & Marketing communication short term courses in Delhi University are:-

 Hansraj College, Jesus & Mary College, Gargi College these colleges offer Advertising & Marketing communication short term courses in Delhi university


3. Sports and Event management

Skill-based short term courses in Delhi University to enhance the management skill that prepares you for managing different types of events like a party, wedding, or conference. You not only increase valuable relations through events training capabilities; you enter an atmosphere for learning that works for you. Constructed to provide you with an immersive education, whether it is occasions training or business management, the fiscal cost of teaching is surpassed by the quality and quantity of knowledge and comprehending it delivers. It is a minor crowded profession and hence creates a greater chance for a career. 

Colleges that provide Sports and Event management

short term courses in Delhi University are:-

Jesus & Mary College and SGTB Khalsa College of DU provide this short-term course that can enable you to garnish your CV and increasing extra skills.


4) Television& Web journalism and Photography

Journalism is the career for the curious. Every day you wake up and are reimbursed to examine new topics or events happening in your community. You discover something new every day as a columnist, which is what gives rise to the career so rewarding.

The journalist has an important role to play in today’s world which is always in the desire of information.  With the increase in the use of technology, web journalism has also become a prestigious profession. Photography is also emerging as a career. If you think your pen or camera has enough power to lead the world then you must pursue these short term courses in Delhi University.

Colleges that provide Television& Web journalism and Photography short term courses in Delhi University are:-


Colleges like Hansraj College, SGTB Khalsa College, and Jesus & Mary College provides Television& Web journalism and Photography short term courses in Delhi University

5) Mass communication and media studies

DU colleges give short-term courses such as mass communication and media studies.  you should be very managing when you take up the course because there are several short term courses. But, Mass Communication is a content that requires serious awareness and practical work-out.

It comprises of various topics like journalism, video & audio production, and public relations. Each of the themes has its importance and boundary. When you opt for exploring Mass Communication, you should focus on such topics; else all your accomplishments in following the course would go in vain.

This short term course in Delhi University educates students for functioning in media-related industries. If writing blogs primarily about rising stories fascinates or you have an excitement about understanding burning issues that go viral in a minute you thus this course may give another career choice. To refine and brush up your abilities to the next level so that after graduation you can encounter real-world needs without any fear and can improve job opportunities. 

Colleges that provide Mass communication and media studies short term courses in Delhi University are:-


These short term courses in Delhi University are empowered in some colleges like Gargi College, Hansraj College, Jesus & Mary College, and Miranda House.

6) Banking and Financial service

If you are a commerce or economic student therefore this course will clearly improve your potential and boost the opportunity of your nomination for the job. One of the most obvious reasons to make a financial management course is that it opens up job opportunities for you.  This might be in the company you work for or for other companies but the more qualifications you have, the better suited you are for the roles.  Plus new employers love to see people who are voluntarily improving themselves and taking on new education.

Plus there are new types of job opportunities that can arise when you have this kind of training behind you.  A few examples include:

  1. Financial management
  2. Investment banking
  3. Financial planning services
  4. Brokerage firms
  5. Insurance companies
  6. Commercial banking
  7. Credit management

These advantages give a few strong ideas on why a financial management strategy is an enormous idea for multiple different people and profitable investments.  Whether you want to enhance your career, organize your company finances, or just feel in the supervision of the household budget, this practice is excellent.

Colleges that provide Banking and Financial service short term courses in Delhi University are:-


 Jesus & Mary College and Gargi College welcome students who expect to follow these colleges provide the banking and financial short term courses in Delhi University.

7) Tourism and Travel management

This short term course in Delhi University maximizes chance is quickly expanding industry of tourism and traveling by submitting to students the fundamental aspects of industry and proficiency expected in this career.

By taking tourism courses, you will develop strong management and communication skills that will broaden your job prospects. There are many professional opportunities for students who have completed tourism courses. The jobs which can be vacant to you include tour manager, tourism officer, holiday representative, tourist communication center manager, and a travel agency supervisor. The other careers that you can follow after finishing your tourism education include client service manager, event manager, hotel manager, trade executive, and outdoor training manager.

Tourism courses will also prepare you with a wide range of contagious skills like teamwork, supervision, problem-solving, exhibition skills, IT skills, research skills, and communication skills with a powerful focus on the client.

Finding part-time work opportunities in the tourism and travel industry is relatively easy because it is large and there are many kinds of visitor attractions and establishments in most countries all over the world. You can gain work experience by combining part-time work with your studies. Voluntary work can also be a good idea, particularly if it will allow you to gain experience in an area where job opportunities are scarce.

7 Short Term Courses Which Can Be Done Along With Your Regular Studies

Colleges that provide Tourism and Travel management short term courses in Delhi University are:-

The colleges that provide short term courses in Delhi University are Sri Venkateswara College and Miranda House.

short term courses in Delhi University can help you and can increase your confidence short term courses are the courses that support us to enhance our ability and help us to increase more knowledge. In spite of frittering our free times, we must enroll any short term courses in Delhi to benefit our educational qualifications. By this not only we increase knowledge furthermore can be prepared to refresh our mind by fulfilling different people in the study center. Always try to apply the proficiency you gain from your short term courses in Delhi University in your professional and personal life. There can be something which you are really curious about but never got an opportunity to do anything with it. Short-term courses enable you to analyze and be truly good at things which concern you. These courses are loaded with empirical training and projects which help you learn by doing and not just examining. For example, there are many people who chose Web Designing course out of the concern and now they have made prosperous careers out of it. Short-term courses are favorable choices for those who would want to study whilst conserving their career and income. The flexibility enables them to understand without disrupting their work-life balance. These courses are customized as per your regulations, whether you are a student or an operating expert. At last, I can say, though short term courses obtained in a very short period of time but these courses circulate large scale reasonable outcomes on our life and profession.




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    Can I apply short term courses after 12th .I want to do traveling and tourism course so please tell me about this

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