With jillion of courses and universities to choose from, deciding what and where to study can be a daunting task. It’s even trickier when you are looking to study abroad. Jamboree, a leading institute for test preparation and admissions, is going to host a live webinar series ‘Roadmap to Your Dream Masters Program‘.

Webinars on topics and situations for study abroad are intended to offer aspirants a receptacle for thinking across the borders about crossing cultures so students can interact more precisely with their hosts. The five days interactive ‘Roadmap to your Dream Masters Program’ free webinar series by Jamboree will be conducted from 2nd November to 6th November. The webinar series is intended to introduce aspirants to the one-step solution to all the study abroad queries.

Who should participate in this webinar series by Jamboree?

Anyone who is looking forward to pursuing their higher studies abroad in the coming 5 years or those who are enthusiastic or curious to know the procedure for applying to Universities in Europe, UK, Canada, Aus/NZ, and other countries.

Details of Webinar

The following table furnishes you with all the details you need.

Webinar 1 02-11-2020 6:00-7:00 PM Top Master’s programs and how to finance them
Webinar 2 03-11-2020 6:00-7:00 PM GRE Quant Essentials: How to score 170/170
Webinar 3 04-11-2020 6:00-7:00 PM GRE Verbal Fundamentals: Scoring above 160
Webinar 4 05-11-2020 6:00-7:00 PM Talk show with our achievers and COO
Webinar 5 06-11-2020 6:00-7:00 PM Profile evaluation and resume shortlisting



Which topics will be covered?


This webinar series by Jamboree will cover all the topics necessary for any study abroad aspirant. Following is the schedule:

Top Masters programs and how to finance them

Education abroad will certainly lead your career to a subsequent level, but there is also a substantial cost associated with it.

How will you make sure that you will not have to worry about the tens of thousands of dollars required for the study abroad program?

What are your scholarship and internship opportunities?

Learn about all the top master’s courses and how to finance them for your study abroad program in the webinar on 2nd November from 6:00 to 7:00 PM.

GRE Quant Essentials: how to score 170/170

Aspirants should not fear the idea of GRE Quant. There is no need to by-heart thousands of formulas to attempt a successful GRE Quantitative Exam. The webinar session will make aspirants familiar with the test pattern and approach to the different kinds of questions which will go a long way towards a high score on the GRE Quant. The webinar for GRE Quant essentials will be conducted on 3rd November from 6:00 to 7:00 PM.

GRE Verbal Fundamentals: Scoring above 160

GRE Verbal intends to assess students’ vocabulary, comprehension, and contextual awareness. Students are not required to learn every word in the dictionary or be a native speaker to ace this section. The session on 4th November from 6:00 to 7:00 PM introduces aspirants with the format and approach to GRE verbal fundamentals.

Talk show with our achievers and COO

The Roadmap to your Dream College webinar session on 5th November is going to be an interactive session with Jamboree COO, Ms. Aryama Dutta Saikia. In the session, Ms. Aryama Dutta will share her experience about how she obtained admits from some of the most distinguished universities in the world. The online webinar session on the 5th will narrate the journeys of the young achievers.

Profile evaluation and resume shortlisting

Learn how to create an application that enables you to be part of this elite set. The session on 6th November is set to teach aspirants how to create an academic and extracurricular profile that enables them to seek admission to top Universities. Students will further seek a chance to get their profiles evaluated and learn how to write application essays.

Benefits of attending these webinars by Jamboree


The webinar series being conducted by Jamboree constitutes no registration fees and no consultation fees. Students are required to only give their valuable time for each webinar. Are you still confused about why you should attend these webinars? Here are the answers to decipher your confusion.

  • The reviews, scores, and admits justifies that Jamboree is India’s leading institute when it comes to studying abroad.
  • The interactive webinar series ‘Roadmap to your Dream Masters Program’ will constitute the best study counselor and GRE faculty who are equipped with the latest info on GRE preparation and admissions.
  • At the end of each webinar, students will be provided with an opportunity to put up questions specific to their profiles.
  • Students will further get a chance to connect with ex-Jamboree-ites and Delhi University alumni who will narrate their study abroad journey or their experience.
  • Towards the end of the Jamboree webinar series, all the participants will receive a certificate for participation.
  • All of this for free! So you have nothing to lose and loads of genuine information to gain!


What are the system requirements for the  Jamboree webinar series?

The ‘Roadmap to your Dream College’ webinar series will be held over the online Zoom platform. Students will require a smartphone/laptop and headphones to attend the exclusive webinar series on ‘Roadmap to your Dream College’.

How can I register for the webinar series by Jamboree?

Click here to register for the “Roadmap to your Dream College” five days webinar series.

To Join the Whatsapp group to get updates regarding the event, click here or Whatsapp@7838021503.

The link to the webinar will be sent 24 hours before the commencement of the webinar.



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