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New Education Policy(NEP) 2020 in organizing a webinar in association with the Delhi University(DU) and the Institute of Lifelong Learning. The NEP webinar will be held on two consecutive days that is, October 12 and October 13. Timings for the webinar will be from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. each day. E-certificates will be awarded to the participants. The topic of discussion in the webinar is the development of digital technologies for imparting online education.

NEP 2020 has been enforced by the union cabinet on 29th July. It includes reforms in the prevailing education policy and a renovation and revamping of the existing education structure. NEP 2020, envisages the creation of a new education system that works to meet aspiring goals of the 21st-century education model. Also, NEP aspires to contribute to the modification of the Indian Education System which is directly accountable to:
1. Economic growth
2. Justice and equality
3. Scientific advancement,
4. National integration, and
5. Cultural preservation

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Table of Contents

NEP webinar on the enhancement of higher education:

The webinar will highlight the NEP policy and how it emphasizes the position of higher education in encouraging humanitarian and societal well-being. The policy says that there is a need to develop our nation into a socially conscious, knowledgeable, and skilled nation. Hence, all this is only possible by strengthening the capabilities across a range of academic disciplines. This skill development is only possible through professional, technical, and vocational knowledge of the students. Although higher education faculty in India faces a lot of issues, NEP aspires to solve them. Therefore, the webinar will reflect on how NEP aspires to re-energize and boost the higher education system so that they impart great quality higher education.


NEP realizes the worth and advantages of technology. In the webinar, talks will be initiated on how alternative modes of education through digital platforms are of vital importance. Hence, this will help in enhancing the quality of education and resolve the problem of inequality of access. The Institute of Lifelong Learning(ILLL) favors multimedia content-based learning in the education system. Hence, this mandate of ILLL has become more significant in the current pandemic situation. Also, DU is all set to implement NEP 2020 recommendations in Higher Education. Thus, facilitating and developing these modifications of virtual studies is vital.

Significance of the NEP webinar:

The 2-day webinar will emphasize on the role of ICT and unleash its potential role in imparting good quality education. The NEP webinar will give a platform to share opinions and ideas to convey ICT improved multiple lifelong pathways at DU. Hence, an insight into the challenge of online studies and remedies to resolve them will be discussed. So, the outcome will be beneficial in instrumenting the development of digital technologies for online education.


Events of the NEP webinar include:

On day-1, that is October 12th, the event of the webinar includes:
1. Pankaj Arora, Director of ILLB’s welcome note and brief introduction.
2. P.C. Joshi, PVC Delhi University will perform an inaugural address
3. Vivek Suneja, chairperson of NIC will give an insight into higher education and NEP
4. Balaram Pani, director of COL, will highlight the scope of online digital education
5. Dr. Sanjeev Singh, joint director of DUCC, will speak about the challenges to digital learning
6. Finally, Dr. Jyoti Sharma will hold an open session for questions.

Links to the webinar:

On Day-2 that is October 13th, the events included are:

1. Rita Kakkar, dean of sciences DU, will talk on developing quality research under NEP 2020
2. C.K. Saluja, director of Samskrit Sansthan, will follow by talking about language education
3. Sevi Murugavel, dean of research science, will promote science and scientific temper with reference to NEP
4. V.K. Malhotra, Member Secretary of ICSSR, will do the valedictory address.



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