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ALLEN, a premiere institute is well known in the medical and engineering lines. It conducts preparation sessions for the entrance examinations in these fields. The ALLEN family has achieved another landmark by getting their names on the Forbes list. This is the result of their excellence and innovation in teaching. Many students have got into their dream institutions with the guidance of this prestigious institution. The family owns and maintains ALLEN career institute is the Maheshwari family. In Rajasthan, it is the only family that got featured in the magazine, this time. Moreover, it’s the first family to be included in the Forbes list from Kota. This a proud moment for the district.

Among the four most influential business families, ALLEN proudly states that it’s one of them. The article features business houses from Arunachal Pradesh, Kota, Kerala, and Kolkata in its September edition.

The edition has names of some renowned people from the family like the Allen Career Institute’s Directors Govind Maheshwari, Rajesh Maheshwari, Naveen Maheshwari and Brajesh Maheshwari. Their heirs include Aviral Maheshwari, Aman Maheshwari, Anand Maheshwari, Keshav Maheshwari, and Aaradhya Maheshwari made it to the page.

Mr. Govind Maheshwari, the Director of ALLEN is thrilled at this announcement and said that this is a milestone for not just the founding family but the whole Kota. He acknowledges the support and trust of the students and their parents in helping the institute reach great heights. Without their contribution, ALLEN would have never made it to the Forbes list.


In 1988, the institute was established with a motto to impart knowledge which leads to success. To date, the family is working with the same enthusiasm and motivation. This is a success story filled with a lot of ups and downs, but the Director said that they have overpowered every bit of it. Every challenge has made the institute better in its way.

After taking into consideration the aspect of digitization, globalization, and next-generation, the four business families were selected. From all around the country, large business houses were analyzed for the selection. ALLEN books one spot among them. In the session 2019-20, around 2 lakh students got registered for the classroom learning in the institute. The current session was hampered by the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, classroom coaching got restricted. But the innovative career institute didn’t let this block the preparation of students. They used the idea of the Next Generation and all the benefits of classroom learning got imparted to the digital classrooms. Moreover, the institute started its coaching in five foreign countries. This is a landmark decision for the ALLEN career institute.


In a lockdown, more than 1 lakh students chose ALLEN for their medical and engineering entrance examinations. With years of remarkable experience and the growing technology, the digital classrooms will change the functioning of the Institute. Students from our country are pursuing their dreams with ALLEN and many overseas students from Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar are seeing the same dream. They are preparing amidst the pandemic for their medical and engineering entrance examinations.



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