Recently, the Delhi government canceled the final year exams in defiance of University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines. The Centre and the regulatory agency, both repeated that the guidelines were lawfully binding on the States and must be obeyed.

Higher Education Secretary Amit Khare stated in an interview that the State governments cannot take this decision regarding the final year exams, as per the UGC Act. School education comes under the State list, whereas higher education comes under the concurrent list.
AICTE [All India Council for Technical Education] and UGC fiats have to be carried out. It is mentioned in the Act. The States doing this is unacceptable. UGC has the superiority to take action against this. Firstly, they will try to get States on board.

The UGC on Monday had proposed that final year exams must be conducted in online or offline mode by September-end. The Commission claimed that it would inform states which had already canceled final year exams to acknowledge the new directions.

However, with the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi calling for the cancellation of final year exams, it is becoming a political battle promptly. Various non-BJP sanctioned states, such as Punjab, Maharashtra, Odisha, and West Bengal have jotted down to the Centre asserting that they did not wish to conduct the examinations. Citing the fear of COVID-19 cases spreading, on Monday, Delhi joined them as the first State to cancel final year exams after the UGC issued the guidelines.

The UGC general secretary Rajnish Jain said that they are binding in nature, as per their guidelines. The original guidelines that were issued in April had flexibility, but usually, guidelines are binding in nature.

So far, a representation from Punjab has only been received from the UGC. They have answered back asking to reconsider as the guidelines must be followed by the States mandatorily.

The Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, on Thursday, accused the UGC of creating confusion. He asked for the students to be promoted on their past performances. He joined the #SpeakUpForStudents online campaign being ushered by the Congress’ student wing, National Students Union of India (NSUI).


As per the NSUI in-charge of Ruchi Gupta, the UGC had neglected legal norms by not consulting with States before declaring openly the guidelines. UGC must hold consultations before making decisions, as under the UGC Act. No such consultations were held with State universities in non-BJP ruled states at least.

Questions were also raised by Ms. Gupta, regarding the panel led by UGC member R.C. Kuhad. He was asked to make suggestions on the issue. What was in the Kuhad Committee report and why was it not made public?

The Centre is closely monitoring the proceedings in the ongoing Delhi High Court case on Delhi University’s final year exams, as revealed by HRD Secretary Khare. The next hearing is on 14th July.




  1. If exams are necessary for global acceptance as per hrd ministry,Why would degrees of final year students be less valuable without an exam when continuing students will get degrees without exams for this semester?Examinations of intermediate semesters are cancelled, won’t it affect their employability in future? Because in semester based pattern of education, every individual semester has the same weightage. What is so special about the final semester that makes it so important to appear for examinations, while you can forego appearing other semester examinations?

    • The only difference is on concern about arrear papers. Intermediate students arrear papers have not been cleared,only the current semester papers were cleared. If UGC clears current final semester examination,then what is the solution for arrear students? In what means it is fair to clear arrears papers without valuation?

  2. Agr exam lena h to bta de bchhe apna kaam chhodkr sirf isi tensn me h ki exam hoge ya nhi kitni br cancelled kr chuke h hd ho gai

  3. Respected sir, In this covid crisis it is very difficult for a student to write examination and if online is conducted there is no proper infrastructure for appearing examination so we request u to cancel examination and relieve us on the basis of last three years aggregate for which we will be thankful to u

  4. Agr koi bhi student covid 19 positive aata hai to…
    Uski zimebari ugc lega….
    Agr if any student die due to coronavirus…
    But they do..
    Exams are important. Very good 😂….
    Agr bache es duniya me rhe ge un exams ka kya?…
    Exams imp. Ya fr students imp.
    Btao 😡😡😡😡

  5. UGC plz don’t make it a political issue,think abt d students future,,they already latefor appling for higher education,jobs,some students applied for defence,some may they have last chance,in defence have age limit.DRDO call for interview,but ask for degree,plz think this also,if Universities takes exams in Sep when they will declare the syllabus n result,some Uni’s has not declare d result previous semster also,HRD had taken d decision abt CBSE 10/12th class students.HRD they are equally important healthwise ,

  6. If a student gets covid 19 who will take the responsibilities and we the students will be suffering not ugc… our college is very far and if something will happen in the middle of journey who take charge ….so please its an request to ugc to cancel the exam and give the marks on the basis of last three years aggregate …NAMASTE

  7. This UGC people is like…..

    Oo ur deaing wait first write exams then die… For them life is not important exams are important

  8. What , which points UGC wants, first of all decided itself then published the guideline,till date the covid 19 pandemic situation is not improved in all part of the country.
    If internal assessment is not the right way of exam , then CBCS education system never become a right way of education…..plz decided again, otherwise future of lakh lakh students will be smashed.

  9. Please cancelled the final year examination and promote the student according to their previous result don’t play with our future and live please ugc change the guidelines we are very confused about the examination and our future take decision as soon as possible it’s already too late


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