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 AnandExam time Guys : Its time to gear up!

Exam time! Doesn’t it dread the First Benchers ?  Probably yes…as fear is an inherent attribute of human psychology.

But you would rather be taken aback when you hear them sound differently once they come out of exam center. All  their fear is gone while bragging oneself out . In fact it will make you nervous when you hear someone utter “ Kya fuddu  paper tha yar” , knowing   well that the paper made you sweat out when you were not being able to attempt  even  to the boundary of passing marks.  And that  you were struggling to recall   just another point   so that you could attempt another  5 marker………Isn’t  it  true! I assume you are recapitulating  those funny moments……..

Now its time  not to make  the same mistake again. Its time to gear up  and prepare  yourself  well in advance before you start to swim, You never know how deep the river is,  that you may not be able to easily walk through.


  • First thing first, Scan through your syllabus : It gives you the idea about how heavily you have to be loaded before  exam attacks

  • Another aspect is to arrange for previous year question papers—Very important tool to excel in the exams. It would be better to name it as: Know your enemy tool.

  • Notes is another weapon in your artillery that you should choose wisely or you may be devastated!

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They are specific to an individual. A good for one may not be   a good  for another, However notes may be divided into two broad categories—one that  summaries the  entire syllabus in an exhaustive manner just from exam point of view. And not like notes who shows his talent  writing  another reference book. Surely you should  be careful judging your choice of notes. —Other type of notes is merely for revision purpose. It would rather be wise not to  fall   into trap for such smaller appearing notes. As pointed they are suited only for them who writes it.  Why not take sometime out  and write down  your own notes for revision.

I remember my senior, jot down all important points merely in single page, which he would cram . What then? He chucked all  his paper with his single tool. 

  • Revision is said to be last important tool which if not done sincerely, all your turmoil turns up worthless.

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By- Sudhakar Anand



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