Table of Contents

1. The studious one

That one friend we have who’s always worried about assignments, presentations and tests. If you want notes at the end of the semester, these are the people to go to.



2. The Fashionable Friend

That one friend every group has who is always well-dressed. These are the kind of people you go to for fashion advice.


3. The chilled-out one

It doesn’t matter to them if the exams are approaching in a year, a month or a week, they are always chilled put. If boost of confidence is what you’re looking for, call them and all will be fine.


4. The- tech expert

There’s this one person in every group who has all the technological knowledge in the world. New apps, new features, and new phones they know them all.

5. The ‘bhai kahin chalte hain’ friend

And the friend we all love, the one who is ever ready for parties and outings.

6. The Foodie

That one friend we all have who always thinks about food. They know the cheapest and best places to eat and their outings never get completed before grabbing a bite.

7. The one with all the gossip

That one friend we all have who knows it all. If someone had a fight or if someone went in a relationship, they know it before anyone else.


8. The Teacher ka Chamcha

That one person we all know who is always seen behind one teacher or the other. Friendship with these may prove very useful at times.

By-Pragya Achantani


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