Michelin star
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A Delhi University graduate is the new “Michelin Star” of Arunachal Pradesh. From her origin in an isolated Arunachal Pradesh district, the flowers have blossomed all the way in Paris. However, Liter Basar, 35, wants to farm the fruits back home.

The young woman from India’s ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ went a long way from schooling back home, graduating in Delhi and eventually, learning to bake in the land of Michelin Stars. She has a diploma in patisserie from the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, the food capital of the planet.

The journey

Today, she is the glorious owner and chief chef of the LIBA Cafe and Patisserie in Arunachal’s capital city, Itanagar. Basar has always been an imaginative person who struggled to bake. So, she flew to Paris in 2016 after graduating in political science in Delhi to learn the nuances of baking. Once she progressed the knowledge, she saw a career in it. I had formerly vacationed in France, but living there like a local during the one-year training really made a variation.

While I was there, I had traveled across Europe, sampling their food, and absorbing their culture. It gave me a new pair of eyes to see the world, says Basar. Thinking of how she was taught how to break an egg, hold the whisk, use the oven correctly, peel fruits in a certain way, plate a dessert. with perfection and prominence. I learned to bake biscuits, cakes, bread, to the nicest plated dessert one can visualize and eat anywhere in the world. The use of the best and quality elements made the difference.

This is what I do at my cafe too. I never negotiate on the quality, she says. Adding that during the, her workdays 6:00 am and sometimes end at 11:00 pm. But she never felt tired or dehydrated.

Basar pertains to the Galo tribe and is the third of the six children in the family that lauds from Basar in Lepa Rada district. With Arunachal often perceived as a ‘backward state’s given there are not many women entrepreneurs, Basar’s journey is really motivating.


Standing as a woman entrepreneur asks many challenges, but challenges are meant to withstand. I always expected to shatter the glass ceiling and be a person who in her own ability brings about a small modification. I hope my story will motivate at least one woman to become financially-independent and establish waves as an entrepreneur, says Basar. The Itanagar outlet is now a year old and Basar wants to continue expanding more elements to it, but with patience and reasonable planning.

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So, what’s her USP? I bring in the promising French desserts using the local produce endemic to my state and the Northeast. Be it oranges, kiwis, mangoes, wild berries. I try to fetch in the alliance of the East and the West, very noticeable from my pastries and baked goodies, she asserted.




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