In the world we live in you should know that technology keeps on changing and improving every turning day and you cannot simply avoid it and the regular changes in it. You should know that with digital tools, you can improve yourself and your working in every department and walk in life. In today’s resource, we are going to tell you all about the digital tools that can be used by teachers for innovations and improvements in the learning process. As a teacher, it should be clear to you that the old teaching methods can simply bore students and can affect the overall results, so you have to equip yourself with the latest technology and digital tools!

Best digital tools for Classrooms in 2020

Here we have gathered the details of the best digital tools that can be used by teachers to improve the learning process!


Whenever you would talk about digital educational tools, you cannot miss Grammarly. Grammarly is a writing assisting platform that can be used by students to learn and improve their writing skills and the overall process. You can write your essays and assignments using Grammarly. This digital tool will help you by guiding you about how to clarify and deliver text along with fixing your errors on the one-click basis. You should know that with Grammarly you can fix mistakes like grammar, spellings, punctuation, sentence structure, vocabulary and even voices! This is a must-use tool for students, and teachers should recommend it to their pupils.

Plagiarism checker by SmallSEOTools

Plagiarism checkers are not that common, but for teachers, these tools are the most important ones. Without a plagiarism test tool, a teacher is at his most vulnerable and this is only because he cannot check plagiarism and duplication in work submitted to him. There are many tools to check for plagiarism on the web market, but if you want to know about the best plagiarism detector which is free and is surely reliable, then you should simply hook up with the plagiarism checker by SmallSEOTools. We will recommend teachers that you suggest the use of this tool to students as well so that you give them awareness about plagiarism and its negative effects.


This is the first digital tool in our list today that you should know about in some detail. This is a platform that is used for making presentations. Now generally, people use the office PowerPoint tool to prepare presentations. You should know that tools by the office are less trendy and have become boring as far as classrooms are concerned. Prezi, on the other hand, is a very famous platform that can help you in making zoomed slides that are more persuasive, more engaging and more effective if you compare them with ppt. If you feel like the kids in the class are not paying proper attention to you, then you should simply try this digital tool while you can do it for free!


Now, this is another digital tool that is specially designed for students and teachers. You should know that this online application cum tool can be used generally for playing games and enjoying activities, but if you use it in the education systems, then you can make a huge change. The tool consists of games and activities that can engage students in different learning opportunities like word gaming, animations, interactive art, historical stories and even general knowledge. If your students are interested in using online platforms for learning purposes, then this is the best tool that you can enjoy online. You can easily get the tutorial of using the tool online, know that this is very easy to use a digital tool.


Animoto is another digital tool of great importance in our list today. You should know that this online tool is a great one for both students as well as for teachers to be used in an educational institute. You should know that this digital tool as the name also hints the one that can help you learn all about making animated videos and other content very easily. You can not only make an animated video with this digital tool but can prepare slides, picture stories, stitch videos together and can also customize the text with images or with videos. This is a truly engaging tool and can be used by students who want to pursue a career in animation and design!

There are many more digital tools, but for now, you should try the above-mentioned ones and make sure teaching and checking is more genuine and innovative than before. This will help you build a better reputation as well!


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