Classes Internationales: Fly from India to France

Classes Internationales

A special program for Indian students, Classes Internationales, was launched by French President Emmanuel Macron. This allows students to engage in a year of French language learning before starting their selected degree programs in France. This was in the Joint Statement issued at the recent State visit of Macron.

Both leaders agreed to start international classes in September 2024. Indian students will learn French as a foreign language, methodology, and academic content in renowned French universities. The program will enable India’s brightest high school graduates to explore globally acclaimed educational opportunities in France, beyond programs taught in English.

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Inclusive Admission Policy

A student can now be admitted to French-taught undergraduate programs irrespective of the level of proficiency in the French language. This is possible by completing a foundational year of language training at a designated French institution. While touring Amber Fort in Jaipur, Macron met with Indian students affiliated with Alliance Française de Jaipur, in addition to those from the French departments of Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University, along with alumni who had returned from France post-graduation.

Macron’s Vision for Global Engagement

Highlighting France’s dedication to expanding opportunities for Indian students, the President emphasized initiatives like Classes Internationales, a 5-year short-stay Schengen visa for alumni, and India’s status of being the largest recipient of French academic scholarships. Further, he stressed his ambition of welcoming at least 30,000 Indian students to France by 2030.

Key Characteristics of the Program

The essential features of the program are as follows:

Inclusivity: Academic excellence is the sole prerequisite, French proficiency is not necessary.

Excellence and diverse educational offerings: The program offers access to esteemed French higher education institutions across varied fields including universities, grandes écoles, engineering, management, sciences, humanities, arts, and other specialized schools.

Immersion in French culture: Students will be immersed in French culture and language and can partake in the student activities of the institution alongside their peers.

Academic orientation: The French language classes align with the field of studies chosen by the student and are strengthened by preparatory courses in the respective field.

Scholarship opportunities: The Embassy of France in India will award exceptional students to support their higher education in France. India is the largest beneficiary of French scholarships.

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