Chapter on Dating and Relationships

CBSE Introduces Chapter on Dating and Relationships in 9th Class. Nowadays, It could be tough for people to understand love and relationships. It can be confusing for young people for understanding the emotions and relationships with others.

Instead of talking to their parents, people often turn to friends or the internet for advice. It is usually seen amongst youngsters. To deal with this recently, CBSE has done the inclusion in the ninth-grade Value Education textbook. It’s bringing new and unexpected topics to students’ learning experiences.

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Chapter Content:

The Chapter on Dating and Relationships focuses on several things. It holistically includes the importance of knowing oneself and others. It underlines that a strong relationship requires valuing similarities and respecting differences. Also, it focuses on present dating challenges such as ghosting, cyberbullying, and catfishing. This unique change aims to prepare students to cope with the challenges of modern relationships.


Importance of Relationships:

CBSE’s decision to include this Chapter on Dating and Relationships that underscores a rising awareness of emotional well-being. The step aims to move students beyond traditional subjects. these includes subjects such as Physics, Maths, and Chemistry. It highlights the importance of students acquiring skills beyond these conventional areas. The focus is on developing skill set alongside the usual academic subjects. It is important to learn about relationships at an early age. It plays a crucial role in personal growth and contributes to the well-being of society. The emphasis is on preparing students for life’s challenges beyond the academic realm.

Social Media Buzz:

The chapter’s presence in the textbook caught the attention of social media users. It came to attention through a post from a user named Khushi. The inclusion of the chapter led to discussions amongst social media users. People started going back to their school days where with conventional subjects.


The new chapter addition shows a growing understanding of emotional well-being. It sparked discussions and even playful ideas like suggesting a breakup chapter. This change shows a shift towards accepting the importance of relationships in students’ lives. It also leads to promoting a more balanced education.

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