Table of Contents (honors) and Economic (honors) both are the most sought after course after 10+2 in Delhi University.  These courses witness high cut-off every year. Both the course attracts aplenty commerce students. Due to the similarity between these two course most of students grapple over dilemma which is better – or Economics? Which course can provide them better career avenues? High salary package? And so many other questions.  Here are points that can help you in making your choice.

  • B. Com (H) is an undergraduate degree in commerce that provide students knowledge in subjects like finance, accounting, taxation, management and law etc. Basically, pays emphasis on business skills and prepares students with managerial skills by providing them knowledge which includes procedures of commerce and accounting.Since (H) is a job oriented degree, it opens up career avenues in accounting and insurance sector.Even competent (h) students are absorbed by leading audit companies like KPMG, Delloit, E&Y,and PwC. After completing degree students can go for further studies like CA, CS, MBA, LLB etc. which can give lucrative career.

  • Undergraduate degree in Economic (h) provides specialization in subject. The course does not include accounts in its syllabus instead it offers subjects like Macro eco, micro eco, international eco, stats, maths, history of Indian eco etc. Altogether, Economics is a theoretical course unlike (h) which covers and helps to gain deep knowledge about subject. Economist do not study how and individual business runs or could improve instead focuses on the broader implication of business.

  • Economic (h), now a days is very much in demand and growing in public and private sectors. A degree in Economic can land you up at banks, financial institutions, consultation firms etc.Most of students preferpost-graduation afterward which open doors toward research base work or policy making and/or college professor in private and government institution. Students after master in economics work at higher positions and hence have increase in salary accordingly. M.A in economics can also get you in Indian economic services (IES).

  • According to experts, offer advantage over Economic.After student can seamlessly make transition to MBA whereas economic do not provide same advantage. After these degrees, students can also look for job opportunities in government sector by appearing in exams like SSC, UPSC, Bank PO exams and other recruitment exams.

Hence, we can conclude one can choose the course depending upon what are their interest and goals. If a student wants to run a business surely he/she must go for B.Com or if a student likes to analyze data and predict the potential risk, profit/loss etc. they must go for economics. Both the degree provides equivalent results and exposure. It entirely depends on interest and determination of student. So, while making the choice, your interest, aptitude and future options after completing either programme should be kept in mind.

-Anushikha Chaudhary

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