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Qafila is the biggest youth festival by college students for college students to be held in the heart of north campus, University of Delhi to end the fest season in style. We have about a million reasons to visit Qafila and here are the top 7.

  1. What will you listen to? Mesmerising music!

This one is self-explanatory. There is nothing better than enjoying the voice of your favourite artists with the beautiful sunset as the backdrop. You may also discover new and amazing artists you may not have found otherwise

  1. What will you get to eat? Everything!

This festival is your chance to give in to your love for food and to indulge in your cravings. It will be a one of a kind dining experience as you choose from a dozen cuisines for a meal to eat under the stars.

  1. Who will you meet? Great and amazing people!

As they say, music and food do bring people together. At our event, everyone will be bursting with happiness and there is nothing better than a delightful crowd. Who knows how many new friends you will end up making?

  1. What will you take home? A million memorable moments!

Once you walk through the gates, you can expect to find anything. The music combined with great people, food and experiences has the chance to change your perspective on life. You will leave nothing but feeling positive and happy. It will definitely take you a few days to turn off your ‘festive mood’.

  1. When is it? When the weather is at it’s best!

The event will take place in the last week of March when the sun is up in the sky and the summer breeze is blowing through your hair. The best way to soak up this moment is listening to good music, eating mouth-watering food and relaxing.


  1. Where is it? Just the perfect location!

Qafila will take place at Polo Grounds right in the heart of North Campus, University of Delhi. You don’t have to travel too far and eventually get lost on a deserted road. Instead, easily reach the destination and lose yourself in the euphoria of fun and excitement.

  1. What cost will all this come at? It’s free!

We know that you are college students and the amount of money left after spending on food and books (who am I kidding?) is well… Nothing! Therefore, enjoy all of this at a cost as low as your chances of starting that diet i.e., Zero!


Where? ​Polo Grounds, G.T.B. Nagar, New Delhi When? ​30th – 31st March (12 p.m. – 8 p.m.)

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