10 Things only a student of Aryabhatta College can Relate to


“Aryabhatta College”, the new addition to the long list of DU colleges has set a path breaking example by shifting its evening slot including the RLA (E) students and staff members into a morning one and here are the 10 things that only students from Aryabhatta College will relate to:  

1. Two canteens in the same college!  

Yes, you read it right! The students here in Aryabhatta enjoy the privilege to choose the best food to have. Aryabhatta, formerly Ram Lal Anand College (E) hasn’t been separated yet from it. So, it’s the best thing for the peeps here in Aryabhatta as they get a chance to decide about the canteen they should be going for!

2. Dare not talk outside Dhawan Sir’s Class!

Professor Harish Dhawan is one of the coolest professors in Delhi University. But you dare not talk outside his class. Else, you’ll surely hear “Cannn youuu pleaseee keep silence?!”

3. Roister is love!

Roister is a platform for all the BBE Students of Delhi University to meet, learn and share amazing experiences through the means of sports and team-building events. Although, it’s an event organized only for BBE Students but being a spectator gives pleasure to all in the college.

4. Best Faculty!

Although it is a new college but the faculty here in Aryabhatta is best. Their expertise is not the one to be doubted.

5. Yaar, Koi Bhi Class Khaali Nahin Hai!  

If you are from Aryabhatta then this would be one of the major problems that you witness everyday in college. The college is under construction and fails to accommodate all the students in the limited number of classrooms that they have at the moment. So, If you want to sit alone somewhere then sitting amidst chaos in the canteen is the only option.

6. Urge to do something for the college.

Aryabhatta College! When you hear this name, you are like “Dude, where on the earth is it?” But the students of Aryabhatta are trying their best to give this college a name. Few months back, Enactus was set up which focuses on the upliftment of backward sections of the community who have been continuously neglected by our society. StreetStruck and Roister are a big name too. Placement and Internship Cell of the college has been successful this year to get the students placed in good organizations.

7. And we also got the coolest places to hang out at!

GK, South Ex, Sarojini Nagar, Hauz Khas, even Gurgaon …. Gurll, we’re even close to the hip places in Gurgaon – we just got it all!


8. Spending more time in Satya Niketan than in college

‘Coz, well, we are where the food is! Aryabhatta is at a walking distance from the oh-so-famous Satya and the students never miss out on a chance to visit Satya for those lip-smacking rolls at Chowringhee, Maggi, Momos at Mom Hand’s, and innumerable cafes! The place has a food joint literally at every step, and still, a newer one cropping up every week making it one of the coolest hangout spots for the South Campus students.


9. Way too many societies!

Even though Aryabhatta College is just three years old, it has a number of societies like Enactus, Placement Cell, Finance and Investment Cell (FIC), Enso – Entrepreneurship Society, Srijan – The Psychology Society, MG8 – Music Society, Picwic –The Photography Society, Nibs and Brushes – The Fine Arts Society, Zero Hour – The Debating Society, Rangmanch – The Dramatics Society, Mind Over Matter, The Economics Society, The Marketing Society known for its fest EXULT and the list goes on…

10.RangManch makes our college complete!

Dramatics Society is Maha kalakaari. It’s absolutely flooded with talent.
It’s natural. Being the oldest society of our college, People at Rangmanch are artist by blood and soul. They complete our college.

By- Deepak Kumar & Dhruv Gupta


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  2. Which is better college for maths honours out of ram lal anand, pgdav, guru nanak dev khalsa and aryabhatta college?


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