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In this fast pacing world, it seems impossible to consider that without a college degree one can survive. When every other employment field require at least a graduation then at such time looking for a “happy” job that doesn’t require a college degree would  appear to be a stupidity. But yes!  There exist some happiest jobs that require skills more than a college degree. Some of them are following:

1. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur is one of the happiest jobs that also help you in earning high. Entrepreneur is the person who organizes and operates a business. More than a degree and educational background entrepreneurship require set of skills like insight, communication for promoting a product or service and qualities like risk taking and decision making.

2. WordPress Developer

Word press is a famous blogging and content management system of today’s era.Word press developers  don’t require college degree but definitely require website development skills which include template design, custom plug-in development, support and maintenance of blogs and website etc. WordPress development can prove to be a rewarding job and help you to earn money only if you have immense interest in the field.

3. Business Development Executive

The job of business development executive is to acquire customers for company and sell their product or service. It even includes reaching desired goals by company and helps them in expanding business with profit margin.

4. Loan Officer

The job of loan officer does not necessarily require college degree. A basic school education can help them in getting this job. A loan officer need to approve loans, meet applicant for obtaining information for loan application and answer their questions related to loan process etc. The job of loan officer is considered to be one of the happiest and easy jobs.

5. Recruiters

The job of recruiters is an exciting and a satisfying job. Recruiters as the word suggest have to recruit staff for an organization. They need to go through the company plans and needs and meet people with required skills.

6. Customer Service Representative

Customer service reprehensive has to interact with customers on behalf of an organization. Their job involves answering queries of their customers related to product or service and provides other information. They are employed in variety of environments such as banks, insurance agencies, stores, telephone call centers etc.

7. Video Editor

Video Editing is a creative field which makes use of digital technology skills. Video editing hold a lucrative career in film making. The job hardly needs a college degree. If you have interest in dealing with raw video, graphics and other things, you will find this job as one of the happiest jobs.

8. Photographer

Photography is another fascinating job which involves lot of creativity. Photography society is just not about clicking what you see, it include taking snapshot of every minor detail that enhances the photo and the image that one can rarely see. They get to work on different subject and at different locations.

9. Social Media Manager

These days, the best platform to campaign or promote any brand, product or service is social media. Organizations use this trick well by employing social media managers. The job of social media manager is to increase awareness and hence increasing sales or customers of the company or organization.

10. Field Service Technician

Field service technician generally do the repair and maintenance work. Their job does not require college degree. They work for the industries with product. They provide the customer support and troubleshoot problems etc. caused by the product.

A job which do not give you job satisfaction, relatively decrease your interest in the work and hence the chance of earning. One should really consider the job satisfaction while looking career making.

– Anushikha Chaudhary


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