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Delhi University Seniors are coming up with new ideas to welcome the freshers and break the ice. Some already planned their interactions with juniors. The purpose of asking juniors to present ramp or dance is just to break the ice.

Some are even planning an unofficial Freshers Party. Arpit Verma, a second year student of Ramjas College said that “We are prepared to organise an unofficial gathering by Mid August to kick start interaction”. Arpit and his batchmates also planned to create WhatsApp group with their juniors, to start and develop an interaction. Arpit told that “This was used by our seniors and this brought close to them”. Some second -year students rued how there has been no interaction between them and their juniors.
“The chance to meet freshers will not come before college fests, for which we will have to wait till November or December,” said Keshav Jindal, a second-year Economics student.

Calling it a “fault in their attendance”, seniors lamented over the mismatch in their class timetable, which has also prevented them from meeting the freshers. Delhi University is following UGC regulations against ragging – that make it mandatory for the university to form anti-ragging committee and anti-ragging squad. The regulations make it mandatory to inform students about how to approach, whom to approach, what steps the committees can take and allows confidentiality of the complaint.

– Prachi Agarwal


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