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On Tuesday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that the Delhi government will begin yoga classes for school students soon. Moreover, the government will continue to teach yoga to citizens free of cost, under the initiative ‘Dilli Ki Yogshala’.

The initiative is to make school children practise yoga from an early age. Further, today, on 21 June International Yoga was celebrated at the Thyagraj Stadium. Chief Minister Kejriwal performed various yoga asanas with over a hundred people. The people present there include: Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister. 

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What did Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal say?

Today, CM Kejriwal said, “Everyone in Delhi must be healthy. Our objective is to make everyone perform yoga at their home in the morning. Moreover, the goal is to teach children yoga at an early age. So, I will also consult the Delhi Education Minister to launch yoga classes for school students.”

Furthermore, he stated, “The medical treatment in Delhi is free in government hospitals. As our goal is to make sure that everyone in Delhi practises yoga. So that no one gets ill. Because yoga keeps everyone free of any stress and diseases.”

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‘Dilli ki Yogshala’ Initiative 

Under the initiative of ‘Dilli Ki Yogshala’, the government provides free yoga to people. The government give yoga trainer to every group of 25 people. Moreover, citizens learn yoga practices in parks or public spaces.

Most importantly, a total of 17000 citizens have joined till now. They learn ancient Indian practices at over 500 parks and public places across Delhi. 

Besides, Kejriwal also cleared the questions on why is being taught for free. He said that yoga teaching should be free. He also learnt yoga for free so citizens should also get classes for free. Further, he added, ” Precious things in life should be taught for free. However, many people will criticise it but I will continue to teach it like this.”

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