World Health Organization (WHO) has planned to develop the WHO Foundation, an independent grant-making force that will support the efforts of the foundation to address the most serious health problem prevailing in the world.

A press conference via virtual mode has been conducted, in which Director-General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus headed the meeting and said the idea to encourage the foundation of WHO, which was dated long back on Feb 2018, and ” to the day it gives us tremendous delight to launch it officially”, Xinhua reported.

“For WHO to fulfill its mission and requirement, there is a clear necessity to widen our donor base, and to increase both the quantity and quality of funding we receive,” he said.

The foundation has planned “triple billion” goals. Featured in WHO’s five-year strategic plan, these goals strive to: ensure the safety of 1 billion people from health crises; broaden universal health coverage to 1 billion people, and assure healthy l and wellbeing to 1 billion people by the end of the year 2023.

At the conference, he contended “Today’s statement is the conclusion of more than two years of preparation and hard work by numerous people and partner groups. I would like to pay my gratitude to Professor Thomas Zeltner for initiating  this extraordinary journey and founding the organization.”

According to the headquarters at Geneva, the Foundation is devised to support people all around the world against any kind of health crisis and pandemic. The foundation will provide funds to WHO and to its enactment members who are legally separate from WHO. 

“The work of the WHO is vital for both protecting and promoting global health – a role that has become all the more critical in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. WHO’s accomplishments and donations to global health and the wellbeing of humanity are huge, but we cannot take those successes for granted. The WHO deserves a powerful, independent, outer advocate who can benefit and strengthen its consequence. I am really elated to put forward such an organization that will provide service to mankind”, said Professor Thomas Zeltner, Founder of the WHO Foundation.

A WHO Foundation spokesperson, on Wednesday, asserted in a press conference that keeping a view on the breakage of COVID 19 all over the globe, the foundation will commence its assistance focusing on the tragic condition,  and will also put up and disburse funds for all WHO global public health preferences.

Trump, pointed out  WHO of malfunctioning the pan mic situation, has frozen U.S. funding and could pull out of the organization next month if he does not see what he believes to be favorable modifications.

Trump claims the WHO has friendly relations with Beijing and covered up the preliminary explosion in China.

The vast plurality of the WHO’s budget is in natural contributions which go straight from countries and other backers to their chosen destination.

The WHO therefore only has supervision over the spending of countries’ “evaluated contributions” membership fees, which are calculated on their wealth and community.




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