The world has is full of hacker and WhatsApp being the most popular messaging app the hacker are using the rising popularity to target innocent WhatsApp users. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the pandemic has increased its popularity with the app witnessing a 40% rise in its usage.

The blog- WABetaInfo, tracks development in the app, this blog is highlighted in a tweet that a new scam is targeting the WhatsApp users. One of the user names Dario Navarro inquired if a message requesting the verification code had certainly been sent by WhatsApp and in answer to this query from Twitter the website wrote, WhatsApp never asks your data or verification codes.
What Actually Happened:
One of the WhatsApp user name Dario Navarro received a WhatsApp message from an account which claims to be WhatApp’s Technical Team. The hacker asked Navarro in the WhatsApp message, to verify his identity by giving the six-digit verification code that is sent to Dario Navarro via an SMS when they register their WhatsApp accounts.

The most believed part of this hacking is that the hacker also applies hacker apps and WhatsApp’s logo as the account’s profile picture. This logo profile picture may oversee an unaware user to acknowledge that the message is indeed coming from WhatsApp.
Moreover, that wasn’t the prosecution. WhatsApp is not going to message anyone like that.

WhatsApp does not deliver personal messages to its users to make declarations and clearly not to ask the users to verify their accounts, said WABetaInfo. The company uses its blog and its official social media handles to relay messages as needed.

The company further explained that if it’s very urgent only in that case they will decide to send messages to its users and they will verify that message as the message would appear from an account with a green tick next to it. The green tick shows that it’s a verified account. In addition to this, the company never asks users for their verification codes.

In their support page, WhatsApp undoubtedly mentions that users must not share their verification codes with any other number. The page further explains that the users get a new verification code only when somebody else is trying to take over their account if they have not urged it themselves.

WhatsApp Tweet

WhatsApp says that to keep your account safe, don’t share your verification code with anyone else and when you get this notification, it means that somebody has entered your phone number and petitioned the registration code. WhatsApp further mentioned that this often occurs if another user mistyped your number when attempting to enter their own number to register, and can also happen when somebody tries to take over your account.

However, if you get scammed out of your WhatsApp account the simplest way to get your WhatsApp account back is by ascertaining your phone number and once you verify your account, the hacker who is using your account will automatically be logged out.




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