The year may come the year may go but the year’s spend in college are always remarkable. The third-year students go through a lot – they have to perform very well academically, they have to plan for there future and most importantly, they want to live the last year of there college life by spending time with their friends by planning lots of trips  and having fun and yes it’s true they want to make a lot of memories to be remembered after college.

Yes, I agree that the last year is always the sensitive one but this year that is 2020 is more challenging to the final year students. From the beginning till now this year is proved to be the most disastrous one. Initiating with DUTA strike, CAA protest in colleges like JNU and JAMIA, Gargi students protest against harassment, and at last the COVID-19 outbreak this year is not so easy for the students.

Numerous concerns surround the apprehensive students. The economy has to suffer a lot due to lockdown for several days. Thousand will get unemployed, many industries will suffer a huge loss, in all these critical situations students have to think more about there future. Students having a future plan of going abroad have to rethink about it. Having a job in future as per the circumstances seems to be very difficult as the competition Is going to be much harder than before.

 A farewell is an occasion when juniors, seniors, and teachers gathered at one place and share their thoughts and experiences. Farewell party is one of the rarest occasions when people celebrate the see-off to others else generally saying goodbye to someone is not a happy moment but still is the most waited moment for the students. According to the current situation, final year students are too much scared of their farewell. They can not spend time with there friends due to the outbreak of this virus and also now there is a chance that their farewell might get cancelled.

The CORONA and Economic pandemic has made existence tough. But after every night there is a day, after darkness, there is a light of positivity like this we will tackle this epidemic very soon.   But no one can deny this fact that last year students have to suffer in all this as they are losing there last day of college and most probably the best days of college.

~Neha Dhingra

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