Manipur Voilence
Source: India Today

Manipur Violence: Since May, ethnic clashes between the Meitei and Kuki communities have been active in Manipur. Since the start of ethnic violence in the state, more than 150 people have died and many other people have been injured.

The Vice-Chancellor responded to a question on the University of Delhi’s planning for students from Manipur’s violent areas by saying that the entire country understands the state’s problems and is ready to help all such aggrieved students in any way possible.

The Vice-Chancellor also states, “Students can get in touch with the DU administration if they are having any issues. We are prepared to assist Manipur Violence afflicted in any way. The university will make efforts to make any additional provisions that are required.”

Registration for DU UG Admission phases 1 and 2 has been extended till July 26

After examining the achievements of NEP 2020’s initial three years. The VC stated that DU had taken the initiative to implement the plan first in the whole country. The Undergraduate Curriculum Framework 2022 (UGCF) was used by the university to implement NEP 2020 at the undergraduate level starting from the 2022–2023 academic year.

He stated that UGCF 2022 has been designed in a way that allows students the freedom to create their academic path using a multidisciplinary approach.

Singh stated that it offers a comprehensive and skill-based education with a focus on research and innovation. Its goal is to promote analytical and creative thinking. Internship, apprenticeship, project, and community outreach provisions are also included in UGCF 2022.

DU to Implement NEP for PG courses by 2024 or 2025



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