UGC’s decision to conduct final year exams increased the suffering of final year students making them unfortunate. Coronavirus pandemic has spread its roots all over the country and is leading to an extreme situation. In the times of disasters like the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is the core responsibility of the government to reduce the stabilize the situation. The government of India has taken various measures to bring back the situation to normal. The measures including the moratorium of EMI payments, delaying, and providing more time to file tax returns. Also, to providing free rations and financial aid to weaker sections of the society. A fraction of citizens who have suffered the disproportionate disadvantages of the crises is undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students in colleges and Universities are suffering to a great extent due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

When the colleges and universities are completely shut due to pandemic, it’s the students who are suffering a lot. But it appears like the government cannot behold the suffering of the students. The University Grant Commission and Union Ministry of Human Resource are worsening the sufferings of the students. The greatest impact has been immersed in the final year students who were supposed to graduate in June. Unfortunately due to UGC’s mercy of UGC the graduation of these students has been put on hold. The UGC landed the conduct of final year exams in the recently released guidelines. The UGC has also circumvented the possibility of offline exams and has proposed for conducting online exams.

UGC Failed to Understand CBCS SystemΒ 

The UGC’s decision to conduct exams for final year students while canceling exams for intermediate students showcases its poor understanding of the CBCS system. As per the CBCS system, the exams are conducted twice a year. Both the semesters incur equal weightage towards providing degrees to graduate students. The UGC is not able to understand the simple rule of the CBCS system. The Center does believe that the final semester exam is the main exam and is therefore more significant. The exams of both intermediate and final exams apply to the I’m a CBCS system and therefore should be canceled.


The coronavirus situation is an extraordinary situation and if we do not consider it seriously it will lead to failing our citizens. Due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the students did not attend classes for the final semester. The UGC should understand that the students are not aware of the concepts of final semester subjects. As they have not been taught and they do not hold the in insights of the syllabus by birth.

Final Year Exams Canceled by Top Universities

Exams are not the only way to assess the knowledge of students. The top institutions and Universities worldwide have canceled the exams and have assessed the students on an internal basis. The top IITs and NLU’s have also assessed their student’s performances on the basis of internal exams. Not one but many Indian universities have canceled the final year exams and have emphasized on the situation.

Various states have also canceled their exams and have therefore opted for assessment on the basis of internal exams. But the unfortunate fate lies with the students studying in central run universities. Also, the states who have not yet canceled the exams have hanged the students in dilemma.


As per the UGC’s guidelines, the final year exams can be conducted until September. In crucial times when the economy is suffering hard and unemployment is rising rapidly. The UGC has hindered the students from completing their graduation. The students are not left in a position to support their families by grabbing jobs. The UGC needs to amend its guidelines immediately and ease the tensions of the students.



  1. what is wrong with UGC ..
    we students are not mentally prepared for the exm , our parents are in tension after know about the UGC decision. it’s really disturbing. how can we students Risk our lyf just for an degree. ? is education more important than someone life ? aren’t we students are human ? are we final yr students are corona free ? what is the guarantee that we students will not get infected ? what if some one loose his or her lyf ? who will b responsible for the death ?

  2. I am from Afghanistan final year student of Kurukshetra, Haryana. I have been suffered alot from the tough sitiuation, with most strict rules, trapped in four walls of the hostel,far away from my family and children and living here for uncertainty. we were promoted by the state govt and the University, bt unfortunately UGC recently recommendation for exam made me too disappointed and the will be held by the end of Sep. I came from my home about 8th months before.At least Indian students are lucky living beside their honorable families but unfortunately we are counting seconds here time is so boring and difficult to be passed here in this crucial time. Even all my family and relatives congrated me of my PG bt UGC made us too mentally broken even thinking of suicide that no one understands us here😒😭.
    UGC has mentioned the time of exam by the end of Sep, are they sure in sep there is no corona?? Maybe september be the peak of Corona. As we know it is spreading so rapidly day by day. then exam is not feasable. We are staying here only for a ray of hope. We have passed 3 semesters here on the basis of our last performances they can judge and give us marks. It is clear that in this crucial time UGC is going to display its power. All the people need to be motivated to not lose their morals and strength against coronavirus bt unfortunately UGC kills us before Corona. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Sooooo hopeless and homesick.

  3. Decision to hold final semester examination by UGC at such delayed stage, even uncertain stage, is going to deprive many deserving young aspirants for CDS AFCAT for which BA B Sc pass qualifications is must. So delayed issue of needed qualification certificates deprive aspirants from the chances in carrier; and many will be over aged . So issue of qualification certificates and mark sheets on previous performances with addition of 10% or so may be considered. Thanking….

  4. I agree with Marpi riram. What is more important, life of students or exams. Students are future of the country. If exam is so important than it should be conducted not before Nov 20, if the cases of covid declines otherwise not. Similarly, admissions to UG or PG courses should be online and not offline where as marksheets and degrees so uploaded can also be checked and authenticated online from the concerned institute or Boards (as done by top Univ. of world). This way, staff of the institute and students will not come in direct contact and will also save the time. However , the assessment of first and second year students can be made as prescribed by UGC or if necessary their exams may be conducted next year in April along with this year batch students. For more suggestions, UGC can contact me on my e mail Thanks.

  5. Indian education system should be aware that percentage Don’t decide the future. It’s their skills. We final year students have been writing exams since class1. So there is nothing like we are not interested to write exams. For now our lives matter more to our parents. UGC should think with students prospective. Conducting exams before September when India Crossed 1 million cases isn’t that good idea. And being in such respective positions we expect them to take decisions which make sense. And if it was decided that they’re going to conduct exams by hook or crook it must have been intimated to students in march- april so that they wouldn’t have travelled out of States. Now how do they expect us to study. And who is going to take responsibility of thousands of students traveling to and fro for only writing exams ? We expected something more from UGC not this decision that ” its is mandatory for final years to write exam” !

  6. They shld also cancel . Paramedical exams too, why we r nt the students are we aliens will we not get effected by this vairous why they r they nt getting it. They shld cancel paramedical exams too😞😞😭


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