This time it is ABVP vs. RAMJAS | College Turned Into Battleground


Teachers , students and journalists were badly wounded in a seminar organized by the English department of Ramjas college a day ago, allegedly by the members of ABVP.Violence broke down when students of DU colleges and JNU assembled outside the college at 11 am yelling that they wouldn’t let the “anti-national” Umar Khalid enter the college who was invited as a guest speaker for the seminar.ABVP mob made it sure that Umar wouldn’t participate in the event .They were demanding action against the ABVP members who had allegedly hackled and threw stones at students who were gathered for the seminar at the conference hall on Tuesday. Before the silent march took off past 2pm members of ABVP reached the spot and got engaged with the organizers. The policemen tried to picket out the two groups but blows and stones have left many wounded.

Later in the evening many of the protestors who were a part of this hooliganism were detained with a case of rioting, obstructing public servants from discharging his duty and causing hurt was registered against unknown people. According to sources,Kawalpreet Kaur a member of the left learning all Indian students association(AISA) “ABVP Members Attacked Us With Stones.Police Remained A Mute Spectator While We Were Beaten Up Mercilessly.Atleast A Dozen Of Us Have Been Taken To The Hospital.The ABVP Doesn’t Believe In Freedom Of Speech”

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Reporter- Aashima Gupta

Photo Source- Facebook


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