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Source: Telegraph India


Delhi University (DU) may administer an online ‘Open Book’ examination for the final semester students.

According to highly positioned DU sources, a conference was held on Friday by the newly constructed functioning organization panel for examinations where the suggestion for an ‘open book’ examination for the final semester was made.

However, the DU Indian National Teachers Congress (INTEC) has sent a message to Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi obstructing the proposal. In the open book examinations, students are enabled to use specific study material such as textbooks, class and lecture notes, or any additional authorized resources like the internet.
“It is not a very favorable idea. Open book exams are implied not only to test the conceptual proficiency of the students but also their capacity to pertain to these theories in real-life crises. They are best suited in disciplines that compel quizzing based on direct quotations to written materials. Students are assessed on the basis of appreciating rather than memorization,” said Pankaj Garg, mathematics professor and INTEC convener.

According to the teachers, neither students nor teachers are equipped for such exams. “Clause 3 of UGC moves toward simply says the university can conduct semester exams as per laws, rules, and regulations. There is no requirement of open-book online exams in the ordinances… The Academic Council (AC) conference should be clasped to communicate and take decisions on the UGC guidelines,” said Ratnesh Rajan Saxena, an AC member.
A quantity of students is also clueless about the notion. “How will one occur for the open book exams online if one doesn’t have books and study material and internet facility? Why can’t the university just promote us?” a student asked.


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